You Goal Worker?

Ask yourself:

“Am I currently working closer towards my (any) goal?”

Whatever your answer is let me tell you there are 2 types of people in the world:

  1. Free minds with no purpose.
  2. Goal workers.

There’s also a boundary in between the two where most people lie within.

This grey area is full of those who are stuck in confusion. They understand they must not live without purpose but at the same time are procrastinating their way towards action.

How do you know your type?

Simple reflection.

Write down what you did yesterday (excluding casual things of insignificance), or to be more precise for your last 7 days. Then for each significant action, ask yourself the golden question:

How did this bring me closer towards the completion of my goal?

If less than 50% of what you did brought you closer to your goal, you are considered type #1, otherwise type #2.

Oh… and goal. In singular form, multitasking is never good for focus. That’s cliché knowledge.

If you’re diagnosed as type #1…

Carve these morals into your mind:

  • Life is short, and it gets shorter and shorter.
  • Time is irreversible, and invaluable.
  • A goal-less life has no purpose of existence.
  • You can’t achieve perfection. There’s always more to do.

It’s time to uncover your goal and start working on it, every time you do something, ask yourself the golden question. If you are doing unnecessary things, wake up and make change.

If you’re stuck in the grey boundary…

There’s nothing spectacular with you.

But let me tell you the breathtaking truth:

The difference between you being stuck in the grey area and being type #2 is what makes a DIFFERENCE.

You must make this great leap if you want to succeed in life, fact is less than 1/5 of us are real goal workers. That’s all you need to know.

Let me reveal some common pitfalls:

  • Procrastination, inaction
  • Excuses
  • Productivity

And if you’re type #2 – a goal worker…

Keep it up.

But there’s a quick little guide (for all types of people) on completing goals – check out the 7 keys to getting goals done>>

See you there.