Why You Should Detox

Detox stands for detoxification.

Why detox? It’s a process that rids the body of harmful toxins and cleanses the body into a better and healthier state.

Actually detoxing gives in literally TONS of benefits:

  • Get peaceful sleep
  • Replenish more energy
  • Help lose weight
  • Reduce cholesterol levels
  • Improve skin problems e.g. dry skin, acne
  • Reduce joint pains, headaches
  • Improve sinuses, allergies

Why did I dive into the topic of detoxing?

Here’s my story…

Because I personally have a skin problem: eczema.

I’ve had it since a very young age, and it has been following me ever since, sometimes it gets a little nice, sometimes it drives me crazy, I’ve seen numerous amounts of doctors, tried numerous amounts of medicine: herbal, pharmaceutical, home remedies… nothing worked. The best I’ve had was a steroid cream but that leads to side effects such as skin thinning. So that’s a no-go.

In the recent years my skin condition worsened tremendously that I even had to cut out my favorite physical activities such as basketball, it is painful in the inside. My skin would get so dry I had pain stretching out my body fully because it would crack open the skin of my joint areas. My dry skin would get so dry that white dead cell skin flakes would fall off my body piling up as time passed by into a scary pile of dust-like powder.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I researched on the internet for help.

The most natural and effective solution I found was detoxing.

It could help cleanse my body internally to rid harmful chemicals and help my skin. (along with many other benefits as listed above)

My approach to detoxing

First 2 weeks: I included apples in my breakfast routine, I would have two apples each morning.

Sometimes I failed and ended up buying sugary snacks and breads but at the end I went back to my diet.

This famous method is called the apple detox, where you’re meant to eat only apples for a period of time like 5 days. But because of the side effects like stomach aches, I chose to slowly build up my diet of apples.

It is extremely important to stick to a detoxing diet, or else it loses its purpose and has to restart again.

Because of how nutritious apples are, and how they help detoxify the body, I include them to my meals now.

Current weeks: Breakfast: an apple, a banana and a pear (for some variation, don’t just have apples); dinner: I have a rotation scheme between two pears and one apple and two apples and one pear, with a banana at the end. That’s all I eat, if I do get hungry, I’ll grab another banana.

Other changes to my diet

The fact is there’s a pH balance inside the body and most of us have the problem with eating too much acidic food, therefore we shall aim to maintain equilibrium. The general rule is 75% alkaline food, 25% acidic food.

Alkaline foods are like fruits, vegetables.

Acidic foods are like sugary snacks, processed foods.

But there are always exceptions; I recommend referring to the two lists on essence of life and on phmiracleliving.

So now, I minimize my intake on unhealthy fast foods and processed foods, and try to eat as much raw fresh organic foods as possible.

It’s important to have a rotational scheme for your meals, so that your body can receive all different kinds of nutrients for a healthy body.

And remember to drink lots of water.

Results I’ve received so far…

In the first two weeks of the detox diet, I experienced the cleansing effects of my body eliminating the toxins from my body: I got drier in some areas, got itchier, had more gas, had stomach aches…etc. These are said to be normal symptoms of the diet working because the body is finally letting out the toxins.

After the cleansing period, my skin appeared to become smoother than ever before, as I have taken away unhealthy stuff from my diet, I also got more energetic, slim and healthy.

There were two consecutive nights when I had junk food – I broke my diet and my rashes and itches immediately came back on my old spots. So now, I’m back on my diet again with more self-control.

Overall, my eczema improved because I changed my acidic-based diet to alkaline-based.

Over To You

You don’t always have to have a problem to get a detox. You could get one just to cleanse yourself and become even healthier!

Early care is essential.