Wealth Requires Effort

Wealth isn’t something you can easily obtain. Wealth isn’t something you can find as simple as air molecules. To acquire wealth, it requires effort.

In case you haven’t heard of this phrase, I’d like to share this Chinese proverb with you – 富不過三代 (pronounced: fù bú guò sān dài) literally meaning wealth doesn’t pass three generations.

I really do agree with it in theoretical sense. I only say that because this phrase is most applicable in traditional Chinese cultures. There are always gray areas that object this proverb.

The more in-depth meaning behind this phrase is that:

  • The first generation destroys the initial wealth,
  • the second generation works painfully hard,
  • the third generation learns to save up.

And the cycle repeats.

It is in the nature of humanity that keeps the cycle running.

Those from the first generation have no idea what hard work is and have no intention in working, as they have never experienced the accumulation of wealth from their hereditary, therefore end up destroying their monetary base.

The second generation has no chance of time for wasting, they realize the only solution for their lives is to work painfully hard, to be above the majority and be the winner.

The third generation acknowledges a similar but less intensive mindset of the previous generation, as they do not have to work equally hard since a rebirth was set previously, this generation is the type that saves up every single possible penny for the futuristic “just in case”.

And the cycle repeats, once the “saving up” generation reaches the climax, the following generation becomes the tipping point that destroys the existing wealth back to specks of dust.

Moral: “Wealth Requires Effort”

So how can you make sure you remain stable for your generation?

It requires a strong self-discipline, which tracks all the way back to the keyword – effort.

Without giving serious efforts into anything, nothing can be achieved, there’s no such thing as a “take and leave”; nothing should be taken for granted. You only deserve what you have hard worked for – the equivalence of efforts you gave out.

Efforts combined with other factors contribute to your overall success, e.g. consistency, in general.

The moral behind the name of this article teaches you that the accumulation and holdings of wealth requires serious efforts inserted into the making, and that:

Wealth does not pass three generations. – Chinese Proverb

And this proverb can be reversed by you if only you inserted in what you do with effort. Remember this off by heart, and don’t become one of them from the first generation!