You’re Not Qualified To Give Up

There’s always two sides of everything: you win or you lose, you persist or you retreat, you give up or you don’t.

It’s always your choice.

And you’re the only person who can control this decision and its aftermath.

But to give up, it really means a lot. And if you have the ability to read this article right now you are not qualified to give up.

No one is to, what differs you from others?

Before you even think of the slightest impulse of thought to give up, check out the armless pianist and the feetless basketballer.

Are them two more or less fortunate than you? Do they have more reasons to give up than you do?

Before you even think of giving up again, ask yourself those questions.

You either have to have a more significant reason than they do or else…

You’re not qualified to give up.

Persistence is your only option.

You better put some real effort into your life or else you become the first generation who destroys wealth.