Time Reveals Depth

“路遙知馬力,日久見人心” – Chinese Proverb


A lengthy path reveals a horse’s strength, a lengthy period of time reveals the insides of a man.

This proverb tells you that length can reveal the depth of a creature.

It’s synonymous with sayings like “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, “Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked in his shoes”…

…the message is:

We should never judge anything by the outer looks of it but by the inner truth.

This advice may sound too cliche and repetitive, but it’s a natural human behavior for us to unknowingly forget it, is it really that hard think of the last time you’ve made this mistake?

It requires long term commitment

Life comes with many challenges, it’s not too hard to start the baby steps of a challenge, but to finish the entire staircase…

Accomplishment only and only and only comes after persistence.

Rewards come at the very end, and it will definitely not seem fair before you reach the finishing line, it takes sacrifice.

When you feel something is missing

That last requirement to success is time.

The world, everything alive or dead are fueled by the element of time, without time there is nothing.

Sometimes, we seem to have done the best of all, sacrificed everything, worked past our human limits, and feel like we’re still missing something…

Just remember it takes time.

Let it flow nicely, don’t rush and stay calm and steady, fast paced growth induced success never works in the long term.

3 key points from the quote

  1. Don’t judge by the outside, judge by the inside
  2. Consistency always yield rewards
  3. The last ingredient is time

Act wisely.