Three Psychology Facts

Psychology is critical because it explains our thoughts.

And it’s always better to get to know more about ourselves, right?

Here are three interesting facts about us…

#1. Deliberate forgetting = memory reinforcement

It’s long been known that the more we try to forget something, the more we do the opposite – remember it more. Why?

Because the thought of forgetting something means you have just thought of what to forget, thus, the memory of that something is stuck inside the mind a little deeper.

The best way to forget a memory is to simply not think about it and let it fade.

Implementation: If you are serious about forgetting something, the one and only best thing to do is to keep it as normal memory and give it less significance in your mind.

#2. More options = less actions

It’s a normal reaction.

The more complex something is, the more we turn away from it. Why?

Because we don’t want frustration, confusion or difficulties in our lives… the solution to this problem is to attack the opposite.

If you want more actions from others, provide fewer options.

Another reason behind this is due to social popularity:

There was a famous jam study, say 10 consumers were shown two shelves of goods, one was a complete shelf of Good X, and the other shelf had 3 Good Y left…

…the majority of the consumers bought Good Y. Get it?

Implementation: If you want to be persuasive, don’t show a full quota of choices, instead, limit your choices and pretend some have already been chosen by others.

#3. James-Lange theory

Emotions are not what we think they are.

Do we smile because we’re happy? Or are we happy because we smile?

The answer is the latter.

The physical action happens first, and then it comes the emotion. At first, it might seem unbelievable, but once you are aware of this you’ll soon pick it up from your everyday life that it’s true.

“You don’t run from a bear because you’re afraid; you’re afraid because you run from a bear.” – Psychologist, William James

Implementation: If physical actions cause emotions, you can exploit this advantage to your own such as creating body energy for yourself like I explained with Manual Adrenaline Production (MAP).

Outline of the 3 psychology facts

  1. To forget something, you must ignore it with mediocre reputation.
  2. To make someone more inclined to a specific choice when around others, limit that specific choice.
  3. What do you want to feel? Manually feel it by activating certain physical triggers.

Smile, and be happy.