Think Positive In All

They say you should always look into the best of everything, the goodness of all things…

Regardless of whether they are realistically good or bad.


Thinking positively can give you lots of mental and physical advantages such as:

  • “Make your day”
  • Increase productivity
  • Become energetic and alert
  • Be emotionally positive

…etc. These are just general ideas but I guess you know where I’m heading.

You can argue if you always think positively, you wouldn’t know what positive means because everything is positive and thus nothing is negative, but… why argue?

There’s the psychology based point where even with your realization that a particular negative thing is forced into positive, you will still naturally believe into the good side and “feel” it.

  • For example, if you wake in the morning and begin thinking about how tired you are, why you have to live this life, why couldn’t I be some person with no pressure…etc, then this mindset can potentially ruin your day. But if you decide to look at the mirror and smile to yourself, it’ll bring you happiness and joyfulness.

This artificial emotion changer works.

Point is you should think positive in all. All situations possible.

You should always find the good in everything.

It’s hard, but if you can manage to use some of your creativity brain juice, you can transform anything bad into good, just like a bribed lawyer who can turn the tides of everything.

End message is to let you know that everything can be changed with the power of your mind, and regardless of it being an imagination, it can knowingly become true – which is your goal.

Thus, you should have this mindset 24/7.

Think positive in all.