The “Restart” Resolution

No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes.

Mistakes are what contribute to the process of growing up, all it takes is your willingness to learn and understand.

But when you make a mistake you just can’t simply leave it behind and not take care of it, you have to go fix it.

When you fix things, there are two options: one is to repair, second is to restart.

The thing is, most people choose to restart because to repair, you have to do almost double the amount of work, since you have to clean up your original mess.

So restarting becomes the resolution.

The problem with restarting is, you won’t fully learn from your mistake and absorb the lesson, because you’re slacking off and deliberately avoiding it.

Another fact is, not everything in the world gives you a second chance, if you make a mistake, you might be able to repair it, but you can’t restart.

Here’s an anatomy:

You’re injured, you go to hospital, you get fixed, return to normal. And that is your only option, otherwise is to restart, but the existence of life for each individual is singular, you don’t get another chance.

The key message of this article is it tells you about the “restart” resolution that most people use as an excuse to avoid excess work when it’s actually essential for you to learn from to gain experience.

Another side-effect of restarting is that it can get addictive, and hinders your productivity, due to perfectionism. But that’s a different story.

Key is, don’t restart, just repair and continue.