The Placebo Effect

The placebo effect is an amazingly strange concept.

It can either give you a very favourable result, or the opposite.

To avoid going into the unwanted, it’s possible for one to learn to control it.

Placebo effect definition; analogy

Person A and person B both has a cold and go to the doctors. Person A receives a cold-curing pill. Person B receives a placebo – a pill that does nothing. Both of them were told the pill can cure colds.

After taking the medication, person A reports losing the cold, person B has two possible outcomes:

  1. Recovers like person A.
  2. Becomes worse than before.

What determines whether it’s #1 or #2?

Determination factor: what person B believes about the pill and what his attitude was throughout the time.

If person B remained positive in all to eliminate his cold, he would. But if he always thought into the negative side, and eventually it would become that.

A placebo is formerly called a sugar pill, as it has no actual medical function.

Key is, you are what you think.

You can challenge me and say, if a person has cancer and every day he believes it will go away, it eventually would?

Theoretically, yes.

Realistically, it depends.

The placebo effect isn’t something purely made-up, there are scientific experiments that prove the brain to produce certain chemicals that help when you think positive, hence, placebos work as a nice painkiller.

The effectiveness and strength of the placebo effect varies person to person.

It varies by the attitude, psychological mindset, mind will of the patient. Different people have different reactions to this effect.

The root cause of the effect is mind power.

If you have strong mind power, you can harness it to yield benefits for your psychological, physiological, and emotional health.

Yes, basically it helps everything, but up to a certain point.

Obviously, if you imagined every day you could fly, that would never come true; however, professional high jump athletes do use such psychological technique to maximize performance.

The placebo effect lets you know:

So, stay positive!