The Hidden Side of Fear

Fear is tricky.

There are two sides of it, we usually believe the surface is the fact, as we are normally illusionized to believe the cover, not the inner truth.

You should take it this way:

  • Are you afraid of height or are you afraid of falling to death?
  • Are you afraid of the dark or the ghosts and monsters you think is inside?
  • Are you afraid of talking with others, or social rejection?

Get it now?

We tend to believe the obvious “truth” rather than the actual truth. But it’s not ourselves to blame. I told you… fear is tricky.

Regardless of the type of fear, how can one eliminate a particular fear? Here’s the solution:

  1. Discover your fear,
  2. think deeper and reveal the hidden side of this fear,
  3. work towards elimination of the hidden reason.

When I say work towards elimination, I mean setting up practical goals and achieving them over regulated periods of time.

Here’s an example:

(nyctophobia – fear of the dark)

  1. I’m afraid of the dark.
  2. I thought deeper and realized it’s not the dark that I’m afraid of, but the monsters and ghosts that I get from movies that make me think are associated with darkness.
  3. Now that I know I’m afraid of the fake monsters and ghosts from movies; I have planned few ways to help me eliminate the root of this fear of darkness:

a) I’d look up scientific researches from the internet that proves the nonexistence of the so-called ghosts and monsters.

b) I decided to get some boosts of confidence from reading religious stories about God and its holy power.

c) I practically tested my ability to endure darkness by walking around the house with lights off at night, as an exercise to build up my resistance to the fear of darkness.

Eliminating fear…

…the key lies in revealing the hidden side of the “truth” and solving it right there.