The Healing Powers of Fruits

*Credits should be given to Dr. Wong for his speech that led to this article. It’s a transcription.*

Eating fruits with an empty stomach…

This told me a strategy to cure cancer.

My success rate is 80%, whether you believe it or not, my methodology has been found.

For those patients who have tried conventional cancer treatment and have passed away in the end anyway, I feel sorrow for them. Most of those patients cannot live for more than 5 years, and most of the conventional treatments only allow the patients to live for around 2-3 years.

Once cancer patients have received the conventional treatment, their cells are poisoned; their bodies are weakened. Cancer cells will then rapidly spread across the victim’s body due to the weakened immune system.

Eating Fresh Fruits

When we think of eating fruits, we think of cutting the fruit into many pieces.

Actually, it’s not that simple, there’s science behind the method and timing of eating fruits. What’s the correct way?

Never eat fruits after you finish dinner, you must eat while your stomach is empty. This way, the fruits can be absorbed directly into the body to fight foreign bacteria, provide energy and help burn fat.

Fruits are the most important food.

Think about it, you eat two slices of bread, then you eat a piece of fruit. The fruit originally could be absorbed into the body through the gut wall, is now blocked by the food. At the same time, the stomach ferments and sends off acidic juice, once the fruits make contact with the juices, they are destroyed.

You might hear people moan about this:

  • When I eat watermelons, I burp.
  • When I eat durians, I get a bloated belly.
  • When I eat bananas, I get diarrhea.

That’s due to gas created from the mixture from fruits and acidized foods. If you were to consume fruits with an empty stomach, you wouldn’t face these problems.

As long as you eat fruits at the right times, you will have handled the problem’s key. Some great benefits include:

  • Reducing the amount of white hair.
  • Stopping balding.
  • Removing periorbital dark circles under the eyes.
  • Look younger and live longer.

According to Dr. Hertz’s research, once fruits have entered the body they become alkaline; you should not be confused by the myth that fruits like lemons that are acidic and sour on the outside will remain the same after entering the body, they will change.

The Juice Advice

When you were to drink fruit juice, drink freshly made fruit juice, not canned.

However… don’t heat it up, because the only thing that stays is the taste, not the nutrients.

However… eating a fruit directly is always better than drinking it liquid form.

However… if you must drink it, drink it slowly sip by sip, don’t gush it.

The Fruit Diet

You could also try a 3-day-long fruit-only diet, eat nothing but fruits, this helps you detox all the waste from your body, which will give your body a clean wash of unwanted junk.

Fruit Nutrition Facts

Kiwi – Potassium, magnesium, fiber and doubled the amount of vitamin C of oranges.

Apple – Antioxidants that help reduce the chances of colon cancer, heart disease and strokes.

Strawberry – Strongest antioxidants, help against cancer, thrombosis and radicals.

Oranges – Help against colds, lower cholesterol levels, prevent and dissolve kidney stones and reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Watermelon – 92% water. Helps strengthen the immune system, has key lycopene levels, antioxidants, vitamin C and potassium.

Guava & papaya – Have the most vitamin C. Guavas have high fiber content, helps constipation. Papayas have high carotene levels which are great for the eyes.

Cold Drinks After Meal = Cancer

Do you believe it?

Cold liquids will solidify the recently-absorbed oily fats in the body, which will mess up digestion.

Solidified fats when met with acidic stomach juices, will become tiny bits, which are even more easily dissolved compared to regular food particles, which means the fats will block the inner walls of the intestines. Then, the fats will become body fat, which is the root of cancer.

So… drink warm drinks after meals.

Heart Attacks Advice

Not all heart attacks begin with pain in the left arm, you should be more alert of the pain in the jaw, or the front chest, which will usually also bring the symptoms of vomiting and sweating.

60% of heart attack victims pass away during sleep.

Be alert of the jaw pain. Be constantly aware of it.

Pass this knowledge around, stats show that if you send this piece of knowledge to 10 people, at least one life will be saved.