Fear Misconception: The Cover Belief

Fear is a natural emotion.

If there was no fear, there would be no courage.

The aim of this article uncovers the root of being afraid, which only a small percentage of people understand the real reason why one may be trapped in fear.

Understanding “The Cover Belief”:

  • Are you afraid of height? Or are you afraid of the consequences of falling down?
  • Are you afraid of the dark ? Or are you afraid of what you think is inside what you cannot see?
  • Are you afraid of talking to others? Or are you afraid of social rejection?

The former are the “covers” of a book – also, the impression; the latter are the “contents” of a book – also, the truth.

The problem with 99% of the people is, when they are afraid of something, they judge a book by its cover and so they are in fear of a virtual lie.

To eliminate a certain fear, it will not work if you clear the leaves of the problem (outside), but you must clear the roots of the problem (inside) to remove it completely.

Example #1. Obesophobia (afraid of being fat)

Stop believing in the “cover” of the problem, you hate being fat. You’ve got to find out the real roots of the problem, what are they?

  • Social rejection – understand that the world has many variables; being fat doesn’t mean you’re 0% liked by others, looks don’t represent completely of what you are, many traits contribute to your reputation; e.g. intelligence can cancel out the unnecessary impressions of you and people would be attracted to you.
  • Embarrassment – remember the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – that means you are what you believe in.
  • Physical shape – then go ahead and do some gym!
  • Consumption budget – spend money on healthier, more organic and fresher meals; see here for money-saving tips>>

Example #2. Afraid of Learning

Learning is a natural process we have to use in our life, some are compulsory and some are voluntary; and some people fear learning new things because they have zero experience in; they don’t want to “start again”.

  • Not enough time – time management can be overcome by choosing how to spend your time wisely, are you willing to sacrifice fun time (a short term pleasure) for learning (a long term advantage)?
  • Too hard – Life was created with difficulty, why go against a truth that can’t be changed? Eliminate your excuses, and get rid of all those unnecessary pretext.
  • Not enough energy – energy, like time, can be collected by shifting different tasks around different schedules, sacrificing too. See this article for help at energy boosting >>

Solving the fear misconception…

  1. Stop being straightforward at a problem’s outside.
  2. Find the real problem-causing roots.
  3. Tackle the solutions individually.

It may sound simple, but most people who have fear problems lack the ability to think this way.

Are you afraid of doing? Or are you hiding behind an excuse?