The conversational sprayer and vacuum

Communication makes life.

You may not notice this, but let’s get this clear…

In everyday conversations, there are 2 common types of talkers:

  1. The sprayer.
  2. The vacuum.

Why do you need to know this?

By being aware of the 2 types of conversationalist traits, you’ll understand what will improve your standing amongst friendships and relationships.

Type #1. The sprayer

Have you ever noticed some people just never stop talking about themselves, and continue on non-stop? And eventually, we get bored with what they’re talking about, and just want to end the conversation.

Yes, they are the sprayers.

But why are they so introvert? Selfish about the conversation subject?

Because all of us humans, are naturally attracted to subjects we are personally interested in, hence, we love to talk about them.

Problem is…

Sprayers are not a common target of building nice friendships. Because of their self-focused personality, they naturally repel others without realization.

Type #2. The vacuum

Vacuum-ers are the opposite of sprayers.

They do what a vacuum does – absorb “garbage”. This does not necessarily mean vacuumers naturally like to listen to subjects they are not interested in, in fact, most vacuumers realize what this article is talking about: the two conversationalist types.

Real vacuumers know how to make friends.

They know the rules to attract friends (here are some):

  • Talk about what the sprayers talk about regardless of your interest
  • Listen to what others want to say and let them
  • Let others speak first, you speak second
  • Listen more, talk less, and when you talk, talk about their subject

I once heard a saying: sometimes we visit the doctor just to have someone to listen, to pay full attention to us.

Overall moral?

Vacuumers are the smart ones.

They are the ones who know how friendships work, how attraction works.

Right now, you learned about the 2 types of talkers, and if you now believe you were once a sprayer, you have the choice to make a change and become a vacuumer.

Why care?

Because that’s how you make friends.