Stuck Between Choices

Like I always say, life is all about choices.

Choices are what determine your life.

Situations don’t t always give you one choice, most of the times you face several possible choices; it’s not always A, there’s A, B or C.

And sometimes, A, B or C have their equally good sides, and you just can’t choose between which is the best – you’re stuck.

Being stuck between choices is solvable.

Below are the resorts you can use when you have absolutely no idea which to pick:

Toss a coin – the new way

Many people choose to toss a coin and go heads or tails to make the decision, but this decision-making depends on pure luck, something that didn’t come out of your personal brain processing.

The new way to reach for the best decision from tossing a coin is this:

  1. Choose what each side represents what choice.
  2. Toss the coin in mid-air.
  3. Catch it but don’t see it.

Now here’s the catch, when it was tossed in mid-air, your brain was actually psychologically hoping for one side more rather than the other.

So follow your anticipation.

The simple direct way: ask someone

To be honest, this method uses the same core principle from the previous, so here’s what you do:

You tell someone about your choices, you ask them which they would pick if they were in your situation, they pick.

Two possible outcomes:

  1. They picked the one you psychologically anticipated for, you choose it.
  2. They picked the other one you don’t like, so you choose the other one instead.

Logic; calculate mathematically

When all else fails, that your choices are still similar, then head towards the logical method.

Take a sheet of paper, list out the advantages and disadvantages about the possible choices, after brainstorming, calculate accordingly and decide what’s better in terms of pros & cons, which holds more benefits…etc.

The next time you venture upon a conundrum, above are your options.

So choose the best.