Stubbornness Kills

“Everybody’s a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’ll spend its life believing that it’s stupid” – Albert Einstein

Aren’t there just so many stubborn people in the world?

I hate it.

Here are three related tips to learn from Einstein’s wise words of wisdom:

#1. Life isn’t a fixed path

Learn to adjust.

Everything is changeable, change is happening at every single second, and we simply can’t predict it – this is why we, ourselves have to adjust to the environment. The environment won’t adjust to us.

Life isn’t a fixed path, it’s not a straight line. We have to switch directions, turn around, reverse the movement whenever necessary.

Don’t be so stubborn.

Think open-mindedly rather than being stuck with the single mindset your whole life.

Nothing is ever exactly right, it’s only what you believe. And what makes you more right than the other?

#2. It’s you, not the society’s you

There is obviously a difference between being the very personal you that you naturally are, and the you that society wants and accepts.

Rich people follow their instincts, the rest follow what convention expects.

Live up to yourself, not the expectations of others. Your time is too short to listen to others.

The key message here is to follow your passions, do what you love, and don’t do something just because you are required to, do what you actually want to do.

Motivator tip: pretend tomorrow was your last day, now what would you do?

#3. The expertise mindset

My Economics teacher once asked us if you had a problem and you have two choices:

  1. Learn it yourself and solve it.
  2. Hire someone to do it for you.

The smarter decision would be to hire someone to do it for you, because it saves you time and you can get someone with experience to do it. As for the costs part, you could specialize in your own expertise and profit from your own master skills.

Conventional wisdom tells us we should fix all our weaknesses, but the world doesn’t really allow perfection.

The smarter choice is to sharpen and continue to build up your strengths, and leave the weaknesses for the people who are strong in them. Don’t waste time in places you shouldn’t be.

Do awesome at what you’re good at, not mediocre at everything.

In brief sense…

  1. Don’t be a maverick.
  2. Be you. Not society’s you.
  3. Be awesome at one, not mediocre at all.

Don’t judge someone by something they are not, look for hidden opportunities, hidden facts, reasons…

…don’t be stubborn.