Stand Out From The Crowd

The clichés:

  • Human beings were not born equal.
  • Everything, everyone is unique.

Follow the crowd, follow the traditions, follow the equation, and that will lead you to success.


By following the crowd, you’ll never succeed in life, because the simple truth is… no one cares about you. What makes you so special compared to the other counterparts in your crowd? What makes you unique?

 “The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.” – Albert Einstein

Whether you’re a man or a woman. Regardless of gender, if you follow any crowd, the furthest you will get is behind where the crowd reached, behind it. You can never go in front of the crowd, simply because you are following it.

The message I’m sending you today is to stand out from the crowd.

The Path to Success

If you want to be a successful person, one who leads, one who innovates, one who creates, one who controls, one who is on the top of the chain.

Be unique.

Being unique is your only choice to get in front of the crowd, don’t follow but, walk your own independent way. Don’t live by others’ rules, make your own and live by them.

Implementable Ideas:

  • Ditch school. (But that is unlikely of approval, the path would be to show your potentials before graduation)
  • Pursue YOUR passion, interests, hobbies. (but not of those that are useless) – with the goal to be the expert at your field, if you fail to achieve this goal, you have lost your purpose of life. Here’s my recent guide on how to accomplish goals.
  • Learn how to create time to allow a better schedule.
  • Go against the commonplace, if everyone wears blue jeans, wear black jeans; if everyone uses Apple, use Samsung.
  • Take risks. Gamble. Bet. Guess. (“What if it doesn’t work? Ah, but what if it does?”)
  • Set a target. How about learning a skill, or a language or writing a book?
  • Stop mediocre habits, don’t obey traditions, do it your way.
  • Lead. Teach. We were taught to listen to leaders, we were taught to follow instructions. But who are taught to BE leaders?

It’s YOU, not him or her. Why live a life of others’ expectations?