How To Spike Your Energy Using Feelings

“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.” ― Oscar Wilde

What’s best about being human are emotions.

It’s the strongest force possible.

Common sense would tell you it is a way of reacting to what happens in life.

You get $10 off the ground, you feel happy. You lose a family member, you feel grief. You find something funny, you laugh.

But it’s not JUST a way of life.

We can harness the by-product of emotions – a spike in energy, to our own advantage.

Here’s how to purposely harness your emotions for a spike in energy levels.


When you feel sorrow you get an urge of energy to make a change, to protect and to prevent.

Where are these powerful areas?

  • Watch a moving movie or some sad videos on Youtube.
  • Seeing pictures of children living in extreme poverty.
  • Thinking about anyone being in famine.
  • Seeing homeless people with ragged clothes and no food.
  • The idea of torturing, kidnapping…etc.
  • The loss of a family member (difficult to harness).

Often for sorrow, you feel the need as if you were summoned to make a change for a better world.

Above is a playlist of 19 videos a Youtube user put together that challenges you not to cry.


Fear can get very strong and can come in many forms, in:

  • Death.
  • Punishment.
  • The consequences for actions.
  • The pressure from social competitions and you don’t want to lose.
  • Fear of being alone.
  • Fear of being useless, no money, having to live on the streets.

Too much fear, however, can stunt creativity – this emotion is more about forcing out practical work every once in a while.


This emotion is very broad and comes in many forms: betrayal, hatred, jealousy, ignorance, arrogance and more.

You could find it in areas:

  • Getting cheated by your partner.
  • Finding out that you got lied to by someone.
  • Someone had tried to use you for an advantage.
  • Someone who stole your belongings or non-physical possessions e.g. fame.
  • Someone who is wasting your time because they are doing something stupid.

The trick here is to simply get yourself pissed once again, by repeating (or just thinking) exactly about what angered you.

It’s true that anger won’t find you happiness in life, but you can harness it for constructive use.


“Sex is emotion in motion.” – Mae West

Is love the meaning to life?

If this emotion can get to such significance, is surely has a powerful force. And it does.

Love can be aroused from various places:

  • For people with physical and mental diseases.
  • For people living in poverty or under unstable government reigns.
  • A pet or any living companion but not a goldfish (unless you have a huge thing for it).
  • To build funds to a school, hospital…etc.
  • To do charity events for people who need help.

You’ll feel the emotion hit you with the need to protect, to support, to improve, to care and all else that links you to the well-being of people you love (love doesn’t just have to be partner love).


Inspiration can send you a huge blast of motivation.

How can you get this feeling?

  • Read success stories and interviews of successful people.
  • Get a coach, mentor, teacher to go 1 to 1 sessions with you.
  • Attend an online webinar or an actual real life event in your focused subject e.g. conference, meet-ups…etc.
  • Group up with people who have similar interests with you and work together.
  • If you want to reach a target, then surround yourself with people who are better than you.
  • Watch inspiring TED talks – they offer an incredible amount of videos of priceless talks.

The key to getting inspired is to search for successful journeys summed up in a simple package.

What are the best emotions to tackle?

“I get it, which one should I use? And how?”

It is best to search for multiple emotions that can be sparked up by one instance.

For example: children living in extreme poverty with no food to eat, malnourished and the world isn’t helping them.

From this scenario, you could feel sorrow for the child in such horrible state, feel scared that you could end up like that, and even get angry at their government for the lack of improvement as well as the lack of international support?

This all can lead you to want to make a change to the madness. But obviously, you’ll be using that burst of energy for your personal needs.

Practical Usage of Feelings

Let’s recap, you can use:

  1. Sorrow
  2. Fear
  3. Anger
  4. Love
  5. Inspiration

After experiencing a strong feeling from the such above, you will receive an energy boost, not necessarily aroused by the emotion itself (although most likely), but because of “feeling it” in your soul.

Truly effective energy spikes from feelings should be:

  • Genuine. Emotions created from natural cases are more moving compared to deliberate cases, for example: literally getting into a serious argument to feel the anger and adrenaline rush in your veins than to purposely argue over nonsense and feel nothing.
  • Realistic. Face-to-face scenarios are more touchy than online versions, rather than watching a video on Youtube, get out and grab some real-life experiences and memories.
  • Sacred. Like many things, the more often you use it, the less effective it becomes. Treat emotion energy spikes as something for the once in a while.

Feel it.

The Bottom Line

“The essential difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions.” – Donald Calne

No matter how much energy emotions can get you or how alive you get, if you don’t use the energy given you are wasting it.

The golden lesson here is to find a way to acquire (get touched) a feeling ASAP for a temporary energy boost.