Some Rules Need Breaking

Our desires are unlimited, yet resources are limited.

Human beings have developed “rules” to govern scarcity; we live off by rules, rules we tend to follow.

But rules are not obligatory, you have a choice.

All what matters is the outcome from your decision, and sometimes we do choose to go against the tides.

Question is, should all rules be followed?

No, some rules may be broken, and sometimes being wrong is better off when it comes to real upsides.

The key message here is that there are cases when you know going against a rule is better than to follow it, but you hesitate in going against it.

What should you do?

Do what your mind tells you to, not rules.

There’s a saying “human beings are alive, rules are dead”. It’s pretty clear you should pursue your path, not for written statements.

Of course, don’t go to the extremes and argue e.g. about murder, use your judgement to know what’s reasonable.

No such thing as full blast lawfulness

Rules don’t always comply in 100% strictness, even in court.

In court, people use laws to judge people, but people do not make decisions with a purely mathematical mindset, there’s emotional and psychological thinking involved.

Even judges think with prejudice, even they can fall under influence of a person’s speech; though they try hard not to.

Key is: understand that rules do not always have to be followed, they should be broken at times when it is clear they should be.

Nothing is dead straight that you have to follow no matter what.

Do it your way.

Some rules need breaking.