Reward Yourself

The commonly said fact is that you get what you give.

The harder you work the better rewards you will receive.

However, nothing is perfect, sometimes you will receive more than what you have worked for, and sometimes it’s the opposite.

When the opposite occurs, it’s going to turn you down, or that “this is not fair” phrase will run through your head.

What can you do? Reward yourself.

There isn’t a rule that says you cannot be the person who gives and be the person who makes the rewards at the same time, is there?

By rewarding yourself after a task, there are loads of advantages: it boosts your ego up; it makes you feel that it’s fair; it keeps you being productive; you will be happier.

What is more important than happiness?

A question arise is what are some good ideas for rewards? It doesn’t have to be too fancy or anything immensely meaningful or expensive, it just have to fulfil the definition of reward.

Do something you enjoy; walk your dog, grab a chocolate bar from your nearest convenience store, get some fresh fruits and blend it yourself at home, make a salad, make a fruitshake.

Simple and rewarding.

Remember the world isn’t completely perfectly set up for you, sometimes you have to do it yourself.

Reward yourself.