Welcome To Mind Fuels

Again, welcome to my blog Mind Fuels, I’m the owner of the site, call me Harrison Li.

I’m 15 at the time writing this so bare with me. I’m currently studying as a high school student, although the subjects make me very busy, writing at Mind Fuels feels like nothing because it is a real hobby of mine, there’s always time for it.

My intention in launching the blog dates back to how I have failed to continue my past blogs (about blogging) for at least half a year, after those struggles, I realized that the problem was in my inconsistency; giving up too easily.

The good thing is I knew that in order to be persistent in something, I have to love that thing. In this case, I searched for my most passionate subject, which actually amazed me somehow was – personal development and psychology.

Therefore I decided to blog specifically on these two fields of interest, and try to keep the design around here minimalistic, I like things clean and simple, this is also why I have comments disabled. My blog is like a book so you can read it without distractions.

If you want to talk to me, you can always contact me via email, I respond to most people, be it suggestions, feedback or simply anything.

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As for now, get ready for my newest post coming up very soon.