A Dramatic Life Is Good

I was actually going to rename the title to “A Dramatic Life Is [insert adj.]” but instead I chose to craft the title in a better way, which also describes my perspective.

Is a dramatic life necessarily a good thing?

After a non-stop amount of angel vs. devil conflicts fought in my mind, I reached the decision to believe that a dramatic life is great.

What’s a dramatic life you may ask – it’s a life filled with a lot of drama, or more than what you expected to experience in a time period.

…instant doubt to some people:

“Why would anyone ever view a dramatic life as something negative anyway? No one thinks having a dramatic life is bad so why worry?”

To the shortest answer possible, it is the concept of the equation of opposites.

In nature, if there’s a good thing, there must be equally created along with a bad thing, this applies to anything. Anything. Even this backs it up:

To every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. – Newton’s Third Law of Motion

It’s really just the same with life.

Back to the question, if you think every single person believes being able to live in a life filled with loads of drama is positive, then unfortunately you’re wrong. Plus, the word “dramatic” wasn’t created to be positive anyway. Drama could be good – or bad.

No one said drama had to be a good thing?!

I was once a person who thought having too much drama in life was bad. Now I changed. We all change as time pass by.

What’s important is if a life has little drama, the days may turn out to be very tedious and boring, or maybe a better way to describe this is, gradually feeling like communism. You’re just working in the same routines, in the same sequences and order just like a machine being under control.

What I simply mean is life isn’t always the way it might appear to be for you right now; it can be changed in any point of time on the matter of your desire, your goal to do so.

You can manage your own life, you can tweak it, make it entertaining, happy, interesting, boring, the way you want it to be, by choosing the option to, and naturally your belief will turn into practical reality.

Days can be good, or bad; dramatic, or not, this neutral state of mind is determined by the ultimate person – you.

Get dramatic. Talk more. Act more.