I Choose College

I used to hate the idea of going to college.

I never liked that path.

Why I don’t like college (and still don’t):

1. College wastes of time

It is inefficient, you spend too much time on homework, quizzes, class projects – when you can speed up right to the important content.

Heard of Scott Young? He learned the 4-year MIT curriculum for computer science without taking any actual classes, in under a year. Watch this TED video:

(TED talk by Scott)

2. You are forced into someone else’s style of thinking

You don’t get to think on your own. You have to adjust your meaning of “correct” to a fixed syllabus.

Which hinders creativity, authenticity and flexibility.

You don’t get to ask, you listen.

3. It wastes your money

When instead you can use the money in many other profitable opportunities, such as investing in a business or creating a start-up.

Then you come to the argument of getting a full credit scholarship. But then you realize by getting one, you’ve already wasted so much time in “point 1” mentioned above, you’ve wasted a lot of time, you’re simply paid for your time for learning even more.

4. Impracticality

How often do you use trigonometry in life?

5. Knowledge vs Intelligence vs Experience

By pursuing so much knowledge from textbooks, you’re lacking in real life experience in other things.

Textbook knowledge can be very useful, if especially well-fitting in a practical future career e.g. Chemistry and Medicine for being a doctor. But World History won’t do you any good for treating patients well. See where I’m going? It’s not specialized.

Knowledge is obtained inside the building, experience is developed outside. And intelligence is when either or both are effectively used naturally from within.

Why I changed my mind:

1. Family

I just don’t want to go through the conflict of explaining. Because going against tradition always takes a big fight.

2. Social

I don’t want to miss out on college life. College life, as people suggest, is one of the greatest and happiest times in life that you’ll never get a second chance.

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3. Being a very unique one

If I were to be a maverick (odd one out) and work so hard outside of school on my projects, and let’s say I succeeded and owns a company at 20, I’m going to keep on working my ass off non-stop.

The goal of this business is to get money from creating value. But why should I be creating so much value for others when instead, I could be the one receiving it with the norm?

Why postpone the happiness in the future when you can enjoy it now, while it’s the only chance?

There’s a consequence of being very unique. Social awkwardness.

In brevity:

I want to take college, because I want to be enjoy the norm for it is the first and last chance.

Of course, you can take college after you get rich, but by then, it’ll never feel the same.


Work hard, when I get to college, use the extra free time for projects; this way, I have my college education as a backup to my career (rather than having no background at stake).