Are you decisive?

Or a follower? Who tries to help others so much you forget about what you really want?

How decisive you are determines how likely you are going to lead.

Here are traits of a decisive leader:

1. Say No!

Of course, you can always make it sound less rough than it should be.

2. Don’t work for the dream of another

You may do it temporarily, but never forget your personal dream that you have to keep chasing.

3. Stand up for your own view

Even when almost everyone disagrees.

Don’t be afraid of rejection for introducing something new.

4. Apologize for your faults

Not only because you did something wrong but because you can cut down the trash-talking behind your back.

Also, personal 1 on 1 apologies are always more effective.

5. Lock eyes

When you listen to someone or talk to someone, no matter how awkward it might feel, lock eyes.

You’ll get used to it soon.

If you look below their eyes, it shows you’re lower in status; and if you look above their eyes, you’re more dominant.

6. Learn the body language of dominance

Have straight body posture.

Look up, but naturally.

Walk confidently, slowly and calm. Don’t do any twitchy actions.

7. When in a situation where it’s open to selection

Like picking a restaurant, where to go this weekend, which country to go vacation…

Pick first. Suggest first. Recommend first.

Backed with reason too.

Being decisive is coherent with appearing dominant…

If decisiveness isn’t one of your main characteristics, then you better start developing it.

It either makes or breaks your ability to lead.