Opposition Must Exist

Perfection is impossible.

What’s important is that ultimate success does not get built upon by 100% sincerity, but a mixture of goods and bads.

Ways to understand the concept:

  • Making a TV commercial that aims to appeal to everyone will backfire.
  • Speaking with commonplace topics will drive a boring conversation.
  • Being a brand that everyone likes without competition is impossible.
  • A famous man without enemies will never exist.

Concept: The existence of success must come with opposition.

Perfection is impossible, but reaching for it is the best goal ever to have.

However, we should realize that being in a position with success, there must be competition, enemies, or people who hate you. It’s impossible to be famous without others showing jealousy and hatred over you.

We must understand that trying to please everybody or make everyone like you, just cannot happen.

How is this important?

Because there will always be people who are against your deeds, your ways of thinking. And sometimes we tend to feel influenced from their views of us, thus changing our original decisions – making a mistake just to comprehend with another person’s desire.

Read that again.

An example of me: Long story short, because of communication issues, I want to separate with my grandparents to go into the school dormitory, also beacuse I waste two hours a day inside the metro to travel to and from school. Problem is, my grandparents are disagreeing as they reason it means less control of my “bad behavior” – my “bad behavior” as in hanging out with friends every Friday night to have dinner and arrive home “late”, as in before 11. Not only is this reason restricting my socializing time, which is quite important to a teenager my age, it’s also unreasonable oppression of my personal freedom, also knowing that I only hang out once in a week, as opposed to 7 days a week.

What I knew by heart was, no matter what I do, how I polish it or renovate myself; there must be opposition against my deeds and my ways of thinking.

It’s simply inevitable.

Here’s what you can derive…

  • No one can ever exist without opposition.
  • Do not get influenced by your opposition’s view of you.
  • The closer you reach success, the more hatred and jealousy appear.
  • You are the one who controls yourself, your way of thinking, not others.
  • Criticism from others must sometimes be treated as arrogance.

Remember, life is a mixture of goods and bads; thinking single-sided is plain stupid ignorance.