Opportunities Are Not Chances

Achievements originate from opportunities.

But opportunities are not chances. Opportunities are not for receiving but for acquiring; they don’t just come for you to take them for granted, you need to go and find them.

Difference between chances and acquired chances:

Chances are random opportunities happened to exist by luck.

Acquired chances are opportunities created by your efforts.

Why does this matter?

Because if you want success, you wouldn’t just wait for opportunities to come for you, you need to understand that you must go and acquire them yourself.

In one line: success rarely happens by luck but by your efforts to acquire it.

Ideas of where you can apply this mindset:

#1. Time

Create time to do more tasks = getting closer to goal completion; you might want to read the guide on how to create more time from an existing 24 hours day.

#2. Energy

Body energy is what powers a person, without it nothing can be achieved; check out a list of energy boosters that will make you get more energetic for the time being.

#3. Goals

Getting goals done is crucial to success; they are like building blocks of your future, learn here the 7 keys to completing goals.

The Bottom Line

Effort is the determinant of success.

How bad do you want to achieve? Then ask yourself, how bad will you sacrifice?