More Relationship Experience

I once posted 10 relationship experience keys.

There are some valuable lessons in there you don’t want to miss out.

Today, I want to share some more. You can apply these tips to both life and relationships.

1. Don’t suffer in regret.

Do the thing you are hesitating/contemplating, than to miss out the moment not doing it at that very only chance, or else you’ll suffer in regret in the future.

It’s always better to do something than to regret not doing something.

2. There’s a limit of persistence.

Common advice tells you to persist and you succeed. But what I know by experience is up to a point you should give up (don’t call it “give up”, call it “your generosity has ended), because your time invested in just isn’t worth it anymore.

Sunk costs don’t always have to work.

3. There’s a limit of pushing limits.

No matter how you much you can do, just to achieve your goal, it doesn’t mean you should go that far; because once something is done so far you can’t take it back.

4. Replacement.

If the old doesn’t go, the new doesn’t come.

Don’t linger into the past.

Move on.

5. What to do with memories?

You can forgive, but you cannot forget.

You can accept it but you cannot forget it without learning from it.

6. Love is a gamble.

The more heart you put into it, the more genuine you’ll be, but the more risk you take, and the more hurt you can be.

But if you don’t put 100%, you can’t never enjoy it to its fullest.

It’s a dilemma, you’d have to trust you intuition.

7. People change.

People will always change. What is said yesterday will not always apply to tomorrow. Keep that in mind.

8. Words don’t always match the heart.

You can hear something very harsh, be it in front of you or behind your back. Either way, you’ll hear something and be very surprized. Whether it’s true or not, it doesn’t matter. Don’t take anything to your heart. Words can change be very different than the truth.

9. Don’t have high expectations.

The higher your expectations, the higher your despair.

Instead, just live in the moment.

10. Don’t drown yourself in pride.

There’s a limit of how much “hard-to-get” you can engage in, don’t be so consistent with it. Learn to give in every once in a while at least.

Hopefully, you can learn from this.