Mind Fuels Now Has A Focus

I have an announcement today.

For those of you who have been following Mind Fuels, you know that I post on random topics (not that they are bad) of various life wisdom.

The problem is, there’s no focus.

So, I’ve decided to refocus the theme and topics of content that this blog is going to cover.

Starting today, Mind Fuels will be switched from a multi-themed life wisdom blog into a focused productivity blog.

Who’s the “new” Mind Fuels for?

The new focus specializes in productivity, time management, doing more with the same amount of time everyone has and so on.

The new tagline:

“Pushing the limits of how much you can do.”

That’s the first change.

Change #2. Posting Frequency

To raise the quality and comprehensiveness of each blog post, the frequency of updates will be spread wider, this means, you won’t be getting your weekly Sunday article anymore.

You’ll be getting new blog posts on unfixed time schedules.

Having said that, each post will be extremely resourceful.


That’s the announcement.

Now, waiting for your next blog post.

10 Tips For Today (last time of me sharing tips on random topics)

I still have some remaining useful ideas from my notepad though, here you go:

  1. Increase your reading speed.
  2. Change your phone language so you can learn new words subconsciously because you already know what each button means.
  3. Once in a while: ask your friends about each other’s bad sides, discuss and improve.
  4. Have a notepad to document your ideas.
  5. Sit in quiet room 10-15 minutes everyday and reflect.
  6. Use a desktop wallpaper with a motivational quote.
  7. You don’t realize something exists until it goes away, value what is in your life, thoughtfully.
  8. Want to get things done? Get out of your comfort zone.
  9. Don’t fix your weaknesses, let it be, instead, maximize your strengths.
  10. If it is possible, always spend money in exchange for time? Time is always more valuable compared to anything else.

And here’s a quote:

“Make the audience put things together. Don’t give them four. Give them 2+2.” – Andrew Stanton

Wait for your next blog post!