Manual Adrenaline Production (MAP)

Manual adrenaline production – I call that MAP.

It is exactly what it means, it’s the self-controlled production of adrenaline. What is adrenaline? It’s a hormone that temporarily boosts your overall performance.

Our brain can secrete this hormone when stimulated via external environmental factors as a response.

But you can’t just make yourself produce it to manipulate your brain for the benefits of adrenaline.

But you can stimulate it on purpose.

This is what the M means in MAP – manual, it is to self-inflict the conditions required by the brain to react accordingly to secrete the hormone.

Of course, adrenaline in most cases gets you more advantages than disadvantages, making you want to have it than rather not. Since it:

  • Boosts your overall performance
  • Increases awareness, focus, concentration
  • Stimulates physical properties e.g. raise body temperature

You can call A (adrenaline) as a sudden burst of energy. It’s basically how coffee works.

Now, the key is, how to manually produce it?

I don’t mean manually drink coffee, Red Bull…etc, I mean it in a way that does not involve external material needs.

The catch is to deliberately mimic a stimulus that your brain would react to with the secretion of adrenaline. In simple English: to make your brain get that burst of energy by doing what it would normally need.

Ideas are countless, here are some general tricks:

  • Swing on a chair, experience that almost fell but saved motion
  • Jump down from an unusual height
  • or look down (works if you are acrophobia – fear of heights)
  • Walk down a creepy valley at night
  • Walk on a highway (if you dare, lay down)

Basically, the key is to do challenge yourself and do that something you wouldn’t normally do, or have the guts to do.

Because your brain associates that scary something with “needs more awareness”, thus it will secrete the hormone to allow you function better.

MAP is a material-wise efficient portable way to temporarily increase your productivity.

I use it all the time. And it works.