Life Without Limbs

Can you imagine a person born without limbs?

A man without hands nor feet?

How much can you really do without limbs?

Meet Nick Vujicic, a man born without limbs, however he manages to live a happy and optimistic life. You would wonder how, I’ll tell you: attitude.

Attitude means everything.

Many people in the world live in unfortunate conditions, yet what they do and how they perceive life depends on choices. Some choose to be happy, some don’t.

Watch the two short videos and see for yourself; how Nick speaks out his mindset and how he persists on physical training.

I really think everyone in the world should learn from him, do not miss out these two motivational video clips.

The next time you think of two words – giving up, think again.

I don’t really think anyone else deserve more reason to do that than Nick.

Especially when he doesn’t.

His two mottos:

No Arms, No Legs, No Worries. – Nick Vujicic

From No Limbs To No Limits. – Nick Vujicic

In case you don’t find enough motivation from Nick, I wrote an article earlier about the armless pianist and the feetless basketballer.

Check them out where I mentioned you’re not qualified to give up.

So what’s the key word?

The moral of this?