Life Is Like a String

Life is like a string.

You need to pull it when it relaxes, and you need to relax it if the tension is too high.

What does this mean for you?

When the string is too loose…

It’ll slip off.

You might be slacking off and you’re unknowingly being unproductive, this is the time where you need to wake up and understand that if you don’t put in efforts in life, nothing will ever pay off.

You can never reach success.

When the string is too tight…

It’ll break apart.

When you are being extremely productive, doing all things right and being top-notch, you need to realize that perfection is impossible and no one can ever reach that line.

You just need to get your soul back.

And reach for happiness, why?

Imagine you work really hard right now, you sacrifice all your time away from your family, friends and entertainment, by the time you reach success, you’ll end up with the question “Is this what I really wanted in life?”

There’s no medicine for remorse.

Is your string too tight or too loose?

Take a look at yourself, reflect on what you have done lately, are you getting what you really want?

It’s time to readjust the tension.