Life Goals (Complete Guide)

People argue about the meaning of life; most people agree on the answer “just follow your passion.”

Meanwhile… rather than being lazy and idle when you can, why not set up some life goals?

Why not give yourself a few challenges in life?

It’s time to set life goals.

Here are five goals that just popped up as first thought:

1. Write a book

Put your thoughts, knowledge or ideas into textual form, combine them together and pack it into a book of your very own. It doesn’t matter what you write about, as long as you created it – that’s what matters.

When people think of writing books, some have this automatic reflex that tells them that the aim to write a book is for the money from selling copies of it. Yes, it’s possible, but don’t go that route, what your first priority should be… is value.

Provide value. Add value. Write value. Combine values.

2. Run a marathon/Do 100 push-ups consecutively

This is more of a physical achievement, you can always choose a different workout and make your different goal.

You should always have a physical life goal, because maintaining a good body physique is extremely important for a fit and healthy life.

3. Reach a geological extreme

Maybe it’s just me… I don’t know.

But you may want to reach a really extreme place on Earth and take one of those shocking (in a good way) photos; such as being on the peak of Mount Everest.

Or go dive into some depths of the ocean and take some photos with sea creatures.

Or visit a volcano. (not a steadily active one, but that would be a life-threatening challenge with a great reward)

4. Travel around the world and craft a photo album

Travelling around many different places is surely a costly option.

But you could always start around your region, all the states? Or all the countries in your continent? Or the top hemisphere?

And then once you have all the photos, you should combine them and make a photo album.

They say a travel is pointless without the photos.

5. Learn a new language

Our world is full of different cultures and languages, it’s not hard to find another language to dive into.

Why not learn a new one until you’re socially fluent, and hey… at the same time you’ll be making lots of new friends and perhaps clients.

It’s a win-win situation because you’re going to be available to a new population!

I actually talked about the learn a language challenge before, but most people reject the idea because they believe it’s way too hard or time is simply not enough (in which you should refer to the how to create time page).

Here’s how to set a more purposeful plan of life goals

Because some life goals are simply too time-consuming for nothing, or not cost-effective for some people, here’s a plan for those who aim for result-getting goals, rather than meaningful goals.

So… you should be having five life goals at any one time, because as soon as you finish one, you should be adding a new one into it for productivity reasons.

There should be five main categories for goals:

  1. Health
  2. Financial
  3. Knowledge
  4. Spiritual
  5. Social

You should always have a life goal in one of these categories.


Health: eating health, no fast food, stopping bad habits like no alcohol.

Financial: having a business, starting a company and be CEO, owe no money, have enough for life.

Knowledge: learn a new language, learn a new skill, read a book.

Spiritual: start a non-profit organization, donate stuff e.g. blood, money…etc., get experiences from living in different places.

Social: be a public speak, learn to easily converse with strangers and make friends, have schedules of family time.

A couple of my personal life goal ideas

  • Be the architect of your very own dream house
  • Be a master of a particular skill, trait, feat
  • Have a Wikipedia page of yourself (a natural one that someone writes about you)
  • Keep a dream journal, record your dreams every time they happen
  • Write daily or weekly of happenings in a diary
  • Live in a poor place for at least a week to experience the difference in life people are having around the world, it helps you become more conscious of your habits and become more grateful of what you have that many people don’t
  • Compose a poem

Links to external websites that have life goal ideas

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Make your list of life goals today! (here’s a guide to help you out in achieving goals)