Let Them Save Face

One of mankind’s most wanted element is reputation.

Or… impression, credibility, authority, power, face.

We all want to be on the top of everyone, at the highest peak of the organism chain; we want to be king.

Because everyone is in the fight, on your way there to the top we will all encounter battles with our competitors. When you think your way is right, the other says you are wrong; this means an argument. As we don’t want our reputation to be attacked.

Regardless of whether someone is really right or wrong, should you always point out their flaws and humiliate them?

You could say teach… but it’s still an insult of their reputation. Whenever you try to change someone’s thoughts, you’re stepping into their mind’s territory.

Sometimes, even knowing the other person is wrong, we should pretend they are right. Why?

  • It doesn’t start a possible fight/argument
  • You let them save face
  • You don’t insult their reputation
  • You will be the smarter one at the end

It’s better to not initiate unnecessary debates, trying to prove someone wrong. Because, at the end…

  • It doesn’t make you look smarter
  • Both of you two’s reputation decrease among your peers
  • You two become “enemies”
  • It hurts relationships/friendships
  • You waste each other’s time

Remember, reputation is one of mankind’s most wanted element, and that means everyone would spend near-maximum amount of their energy just to defend themselves, and to win over their competitors.

Let’s reflect for a moment, what’s the point in pointing out others’ flaws?