Let Anger Strike

Anger is a very common emotion we come across day to day.

Most of us, our first impression of the thought of anger, almost instantly ends up to be “try to avoid it at all costs” or “it’s hard to control so let’s prevent it from happening”.

The common belief is that anger is entirely negative.

Not at all.

Anger, as I have explained in the past, is one of the strongest human emotions, that if harnessed properly, can yield great results.

Here’s the typical process…

  1. Something happened to anger you
  2. Anger attacks your mind and you cannot control the clean state of yourself – you become moody (duration varies greatly depending on individuals)
  3. You have two options: be negative or positive

Option #1. Negative

Constantly leak out your anger energy into physical means e.g. punches on a wall.

Let your mind loose as you get attacked.

Option #2. Positive

You first follow option 1’s instructions.

Because directly skipping to positivity without first experiencing the results of the emotion of anger, you will never understand the humiliation, defeat and reason why you had gotten angry.

After understanding this point, you shall find quiet and peaceful technology-free time to reflect on your wrongdoings or issues, and find the solution.

The solution must be inclined.

You must move forward to learn from your mistakes, if you move back you’re repeating same old history.

Real case example (my basketball failure):

Last week our school team had a basketball match, I played for a reasonable amount of time but I did not score.

That was the key reason into my anger, instead of blaming myself and waiting for time to cure my mood, I decided to go the constructive path.

I decided to let anger attack my mind, reflect on my mistakes and find the solution.

If I had not let myself go into deep near-dead reflection mode, I would have the same result of no more anger, except I would have no improvement and no solution to my anger.


If you are down, don’t let force yourself back up immediately, let yourself be naturally down – meanwhile reflect and resolve. Be constructive, not neutral.