How To Create Time

We live by time.

Time is what the world is made out of, we simply just can’t get enough.

Our lives are very busy, how can we lengthen time?

Here’s how to have more than 24 hours:

Creating time can be done by cutting time; it’s like Algebra, you minus one from the left side…

…you add one to the right side.

And that’s the principle of exchange we can use to create more time.

Places for exchange:

#1. Fast food restaurant

Cutting time in meals is very popular.

Eat food fast (eat fast food), and we get an extra 30 minutes to 1 hour.

No talking, just finish the meal as fast as possible. But question is, are you willing to sacrifice this time of consumption for other things?

#2. Alarm clocks

It’s been years that we have restricted our own sleeping schedule, many of us are sleep-deprived.

But that surely gives us extra time, ranging from 1-3 hours.

Downside is, are you willing to hurt your body for extra time?

#3. Multitasking

You do 1 task in 24 hours.

You do 2 tasks in 24 hours. Does that mean you saved an extra day?

Doing multiple things at once lowers outcome quality, but maximizes results.

An example from me, I’m learning a new language, but I don’t really have time for that when I have homework, school and all those sport activities… however, the way to school and the way back home in the metro together lasts about 2 hours (yes, I live far away); rather than doing nothing in the subway, I choose to listen to audio-based language learning lessons (Pimsleur).

Single-tasking or multitasking?

You choose.

#4. Run, don’t walk

It may be awkward to run in some places due to social pressure, try speed-walking.

But time you save from not walking alone can range from 5-20 minutes if you persist with this habit every day.

Value every second of time.

#5. Constant occupation

It makes sense to be doing something, right?

Many times we tend to daydream, loiter, become idle for no apparent reason = time wasted.

You need to understand that for each second you choose not to waste, you earned it, possible for doing something else.

Occupy yourself with actions every moment, don’t stop.

How to create time (compact list)

  1. Cut meal time, eat fast, eat only
  2. Cut down your sleeping time (need help with energy? read how to boost your energy)
  3. Multitask, at right times
  4. Speed up your movement, don’t walk
  5. Occupy yourself every moment, don’t mummify

You should know that, almost every time you exchange time from one place to another, you’re sacrificing something in return, and that’s what it takes to have more than 24 hours.