Harness Your Anger

Anger is one of the most common emotions.

We treat it as a negative thing, we try to avoid getting involved with it. We know the consequences may turn out unimaginable.

Because anger is an extremely strong emotion, it can give off incredibly powerful strength, if harnessed properly.

Emotions are not mere mental images, they exist in the mind but they can be transmuted into real life into a physical form of energy. Key is, this powerful energy can be utilized constructively.

Anger goes away itself in three ways:

  1. You transmute the anger into physical energy immediately. (e.g. cursing, violence)
  2. You eliminate the emotion through meditation and autosuggestion.
  3. You forcedly hold in the emotion and deal with it later.

It requires some degree of self-discipline in order to cease the sudden urge of action and hold it into yourself as suggested in #3.

But if you can store that bulk of energy for later use, you can plan ahead to do something useful, which is what I suggest transforming your anger emotions into.

First, you need to understand how #1 can be prevented by self-discipline, to achieve #2. Following are several techniques I use:

  • Deep breath. Simply inhale a lengthy load of air through your nose until you can feel your lungs expand to the maximum (try to focus on this), then slowly exhale through your mouth.
  • Know thyself. Understand that the other person is perhaps trapped in ignorance, that he doesn’t know in reality, you’re smarter than that person. The listeners are always the smartest.
  • Remember the quote.

Judging a person does not define who they are. It defines who you are. – Unknown

As soon as you have calmed that sudden rage of anger energy, remember you can bring it back to life in the future, but not to skip for too long or else the strength will degrade as time pass by.

What should this energy be used for? How should I release this inner chi?

Most of the times, anger leads to physical energy, which means you will get an adrenaline rush for physical activities. And you should do something constructive with this chi. Ideas:

  • Exercise. Doesn’t have to be extreme, a nice jog followed by some sit-ups and push-ups are adequate.
  • Sing/Dance. For some people, music is their number one rescue star.

Although rare for me, some people do get adrenaline rushes of energy that allow them to think clearer and with more power. If that’s your case, make the most out of your anger energy.

From now on, every time you would release that sudden urge of energy caused by anger, first, reconsider that you have the ability to hold it in, control it and save it for later use. Then when the time comes, harness that energy for constructive means.

Harness your anger.