Four Elite Learning Resources

Learning is a part of life; we learn every day, without this act no human civilization would exist.

But today I want to recommend you to…

…4 literally AMAZING elite learning resource websites that are free, easy to use and are filled with lots of subjects to learn from.

I love them.

You will too.

Warning: This is for serious learners only, not those who slack off and live a purposeless life.

In alphabetical order (not by awesomeness), the resource websites are listed below:

#1. Coursera is a free website filled with over 2 millions of learners around the globe, the site contains 200+ courses with 20+ subjects ranging from biology to statistics, provided by 30+ famous universities including Stanford, MIT and much more.

The site runs as a community-based model, you sign up, make a profile page, add some basic description about yourself, and you can check out other people’s profiles too (you have the option to stay anonymous though).

The course section lists:

  • Categories of courses that are available for enrolment.
  • When it is going to launch.
  • How much time you will need per week.
  • How many weeks the course will take to finish.

Each course page is also accompanied by an introductory video, and a basic description about the course such as its syllabus, requirements, accomplishments at the end and materials needed. Most of the courses are intended for newcomers, so there are usually no requirements, meaning a typical person can take almost any class.

What about the course itself?

Most courses will be taught in weekly lectures with video presentations uploaded on to the site, there are required and optional readings to take, quizzes and assignments after each unit and one final exam at the end of the course; some courses offer a signed certificate after completion.

Each course has a forum section that allows people to chat, ask questions and help others; also, there is a section designed for people from the same regions to organize meetups as study groups to discuss about course content.

Anyhow, taking courses, preferably that interest you, will enrich your knowledge! (I’ve already enrolled in for 7)

#2. Memrise is another course-taking website, however, it uses a different approach in learning – pure memorization.

As many things we learn requires memory, this site will help a lot if you plan on learning e.g. a language, biology, law or any field that requires a high level of memorization.

Memrise allows users to take courses made by other people, or you can make courses for other people to take; you could even charge others to pay for your course to earn some cash.

How it works:

  1. You opt in for a course.
  2. You “plant seeds”, or get tested on new materials through seeing it then getting multiple choice questions to match the correct terms.
  3. Because memories in the “just planted” stage will be forgotten very fast, your memories will be reinforced by “harvesting” the plant, or getting tested again after a period of time.
  4. And this medium-term memory will be “watered”, or reinforced occasionally to bring upon your long term memory.

You don’t solely learn from text, but also through the help of audio and images – which are great association techniques for remembering things fast and precise.

Your progressed will also be exposed to the community, as of how much you’ve learned compared to other people (this week, this month and all-time).

Anyhow, it’s the best place to learn a language or study memorization-based wisdom.

#3. Squeezed Books is a site full of book summaries. They say books contain wisdom and wisdom is power; but reading books consumes time, and I say why not speed up this learning process by reading compressed wisdom that’s extremely cost-effective for your time?

How you should use it:

Whenever you come across a book that interests you, don’t buy the actual book yet, but first check out the book summary other readers have generated. Saves time, saves energy and saves paper.

This site’s subjects range from business to self-development.

#4. TED is a video-based site that gets updated very frequently with loads of informative, inspirational, motivational videos from experts and world-changing people from all around the globe.

If you prefer reading, you could choose to read the transcript of people’s talks (translated and transcribed by real people), but you might miss out on interesting visual presentations.

Videos exist from a few minutes speech to 60 minutes talks, subjects ranging from technology to global issues.

The site is extremely user-friendly, to use it, simply choose the type of video and the desired length of it and the site will begin generating a playlist for you to enjoy.

Use the 4 Elite Resources!

Don’t read this and leave, but actually check them out because they are immensely useful for all individuals.

The resources in other words:

  1. Coursera (Lectures)
  2. Memrise (Memorization-Based Education)
  3. Squeezed Books (Book Wisdom)
  4. TED (Inspirational Talks)

Great self-improvement package for FREE!

Have free time or if you don’t, either way, learn new things!