Energy Boosters

The life we all live in is filled with pressure, from the above, the below, the within and pretty much anywhere near by your presence.

Yet, we need energy to function, and sometimes we just don’t “feel” it. What can cure this? Energy boosters.

Below are some of my commonly used power supplies to charge my mind’s battery:

1. Caffeinated Foods

Without my need to explain, caffeine gives you temporary energy of alertness, here’s some common foods: chocolate, coffee, tea, energy drinks…etc

But remember, caffeine is addictive and being too dependent on it is poor to your health.

2. Breaktime

Every human needs breaks, no one likes working full time 24/7 non-stop.

I usually go grab a snack, but eating at somewhere away from the working environment; eating it as food not as a tool that you try to hurry up using.

Also, I do some eye coordination exercises, shifting focus from something far then back to something close, an ideal way is to look at the window then look out the window – repeat about 10 times.

Sometimes, simply staring at the sky/sun or a bright light works nice too.

3. Exercise

This word is a procrastination winner here, exercising can be very simple, you just have to leave your chair and move around. It doesn’t have to be some fancy stunts; I normally just jump around.

Exercise does use energy, but it uses energy from places where you would not use from sitting on the chair, therefore by exercising, your blood pressure goes up and you can feel the heat and adrenaline rushing through your body, which gives you an energy boost.

4. Shower

You know they say you “warm up” before a sport? Well, warming up via a hot shower yields the same results. To me, once I get out of the shower it feels like the morning, full of energy and enthusiasm.

5. Nap

When all else does not work as expected, your body probably really need a rest, don’t push it.

Take a nap or if you seriously can’t fall asleep simply relax somewhere away from your workspace. Within the maximum of 1 hour, resume your previous working state.

Key: to allow your body to rest peacefully, with the least amount of movement possible and be in the most quietest environment.

These five remedies are great energy boosters, results definitely vary among different people.

Remember, it’s better off to use an energy booster than to force yourself keep up with your expectations, as it is always more efficient compared to if you had not taken one.