It’s a neat act.

Double checking something often:

  • Reveals a surprize e.g. a silly mistake.
  • Is the super ally of laziness.
  • Helps you, reminds you and assures you for a belief.

You hear this advice the most from exam teachers…

… almost every single teacher tells you to re-read your papers as soon as you finish, “double-check all your answers and read it thoroughly again and again and again until you run out of time.”

The problem is, I never do it enough, or even do it at all. I’m just too lazy to double-check sometimes, and I figured if a person who is too lazy for something as important as his examinations, then the person is for sure going to fail his future.

Learn from my mistake.

As a result of my laziness, when I got my papers (from my recent exams) back I regretted a lot to why I could have made so many stupid mistakes, but that’s not the main problem.

The main problem is… for all the mistakes I made I could have easily corrected them only if I had double-checked! A task as short as 10 seconds. How could I have been so stubborn?

You should learn that…

  • Double-checking is always cost-effective. It’s not a risky gamble, it’s a must-win situation.
  • If you make excuses for not double-checking… uh, don’t make excuses.
  • If you don’t double-check, you are going to regret the outcomes, and you can’t fix them.

Places you can apply this habit to:

You are supposed to apply this habit to every act you do, but here are some common scenarios you should never forget about.

  • Check your wallet, keys and essentials you need before leaving the house.
  • Proof-read your documents, emails and writings before sending them away. (or even calling them “complete”)
  • Look around when you enter your house, use an ATM… this is more related to being alert and aware of your surroundings.
  • Give yourself a good “double-check” in the mirror before you leave home and go public.
  • Check your alarm clock for work/school the next morning.

Sometimes, it may feel that you are 100% sure you have done something the way you wanted, but you should double-check it anyway.


Because often times, there are psychological confusions that can mess our memories up such as: because I’ve never made a mistake so I never will.

Whatever you are dealing with, double-check because it will indefinitely help you. Make it a frequent habit!