Constant Alertness

This morning as I crossed the road I crashed into a motorcycle, hard.

Few hours later in the hospital, I was fortunate to find out that my foot has a heavy bruise, no fractures. But painful.

I got home, forced to get support from two walking sticks, sat down and began reflecting on how one ignorant move turned my day into this. I was missing the mindset of…

Constant alertness.

Obvious yet often neglected. I’ve always had this mindset, it’s just the matter of “how much” I had focused into this.

The nature of humans is that without practical experience, we’ll never learn our lesson.

I just learned one today.

And to absorb this lesson thoroughly, I’d have to be constantly alert to my surroundings and nearby environment.

The thing is, human beings tend to raise their levels of alertness by the gradual increase of lessons they learn.

Not that I’m telling you to cross the road carefully, I’m speaking constant alertness in all applicable situations, like watching out for pickpockets in crowds, identifying sinful-minded people talking calmly…etc

What does this mean for you?

Learn from my painful experience and prevent futuristic unwanted events from occurring.

Here are some ideas:

  • Before you take an action, think in depth of all possible consequences.
  • Be alert at all times – the mindset of a spy having multiple identities.
  • Understand that thinking/evaluating/analysing are critical abilities you must utilize.

Remember, be constantly alert in all situations.