The Root Motivator

Life is about getting work done.

Is it not?

Whether you’re successful or not, it depends on what type of work you do and how you do it – the root basis of success is work.

That’s why they all talk about productivity.

But, that is countered by an ability all of us have – procrastination. The key question is, what are ways that can reduce procrastination to the bare minimum and increase productivity to the max?

One method to induce productivity is through motivation.

At first thought, I’ve come up with 3 ways of acquiring motivation – but they all go with the root motivator (which I will explain later).

1. Love

Some say love is the strongest motivator of all, because the power of love is unexplicable.

Love links with family, partners, friends, companions or even leaders.

Where does the motivation come from?

The burning desire to keep your loved one(s), see them happy and to work to give them the best simply because you love them.

This is the emotional motivator.

2. Pain

Pain is the physical motivator.

Why does pain motivate a person into taking action?

Because it hurts.

How else simple could it be besides not wanting to get hurt?

But the key problem lies in how much pain you inflict. The more painful it is, the stronger the force is that it will push you to work on your task.

3. Fear

When you fear an unwanted consequence, you would try your best to avoid it. It’s obvious.

And that’s exactly how it empowers a man for actions.

The Root Motivator

Actually, all motivators regardless of emotional or physical means is based on one main motivator – fear.

Fear is the ultimate reason behind all motivation.

You might not believe it at first thought, but if you think about how you are motivated any one time, that experience is fueled by your inner fear.

Fear of what, you may ask. Let’s look at examples.

For love: you fear of losing the person you love. It’s that simple, you may argue you are not afraid of anything e.g. you want the person to be happy, but really, aren’t you simply afraid of the person not being happy?

For pain: it needs no explanation. You fear the pain. An example here anyway, you look at videos of super buffed bodybuilders lifting weights and you acquire motivation from it to make you want to train too. But honestly, you are just afraid of being weak, are you not?

The bottom line is, understand that fear is the root reason behind all motivation, so when you try to motivate yourself to work harder, don’t use the reason from the surface…

…use the reason linked with fear.