The Smile

Everyone in the world experiences a different perspective of life.

Some experience a sad and depressing life while some experience a happy and joyful life. Why is the difference?


It depends on you.

It depends on how you act in life, and life will react the same way back to you.

If you want to make a difference in your life; you’ve got to make serious and practical changes in HOW you act in life.

Here’s a simple but powerful weapon in human relations… the smile.

The smile is a very effective move in human communications; you can use it to:

  • Turn the moods over to optimism
  • Soften tensions in a heated argument
  • Show that you are a joyful person, which gives off a good impression
  • Create an unexpected situation (the receiver will take with surprize)
  • Become happy yourself (it’s a psychological response)
  • Make others happy (another psychological response)

They say happiness is contagious.

And that pretty much explains the major benefit of adding that extra smile in your life every now and then.

Your smile can dominate other people, it can change the world that you live in.

Practical Applications – how to apply the smile:

  • Smile often, and as genuine as possible, or else the effects of that smile can backfire its original purpose.
  • Wake up and smile to yourself in the mirror and have a great start for each day.
  • Every time you speak, speak with a smile.
  • If you know you’re in a place where people can see your face, don’t look emotionless; but I’m not telling you to awkwardly smile to no one, you just have to not look dull and dead.
  • Laugh, as often as you smile. Remember, genuine. They say laughter is the best medicine. Right?
  • Pick up the humor of others, even if it’s not especially funny, be the first one to laugh at it; laugh at every joke. It shows you have a good sense of humor and a sign of respect in others’ words.
  • Find the fun part of everything, don’t treat life as a prison, look for the goodness in all things.

Just smile.