Kidnapping Live Story

I’m sure you have heard of kidnapping cases, but what about cases where the kidnapper can twist around the truth and convince the public that YOUR child is THEIRS? And steals away your child right in front of you IN THE PUBLIC?

A TV show featured a real story from a mom who almost lost her child face to face with the kidnapper in China; I’d like to share it with you.

Of course, I translated it, so thank me later.

Here’s the story:

<<A Young Mom’s Experience>>

On the 31st of January (the Chinese’s biggest holiday of the whole year because it’s the new years), I planned to bring my daughter from my mom’s house to my grandmother’s house. I originally wanted to get a lay-down ticket (there were different train tickets: where you stand, you sit or you lie down), but I couldn’t get any.

It was 9 o’clock on the train, I sat next to the window. Next to me was an old woman who looked like she was in her sixties, she was carrying her 7 and 8 year old grandchildren. During the ride she often helped me, she never stopped chatting with me. There were lots of people on the train, and she would be glad to help, and often she would warn me to be cautious in the train and be alert at her belongings. My daughter and her grandchildren played, my daughter will be 1 year old in a few days, that’s why she was so curious at many things, often times she would touch the grandmother’s hair and her clothes. The grandmother chatted with me. She asked me a lot of questions about my baby girl e.g. how old girl is, in which hospital she was born in, how heavy was she when she was born…etc. She also told me about her own grandchildren’s facts like how heavy when he was born. I treated this as a casual conversations. As we are mothers, whenever we meet with other parents, we would often have lots of topics to dive into. The grandmother also asked how much milk my daughter drank every day, which brand she drinks from. Originally, I never thought too much about it, so I told her the facts. Next up, she asked me when was my girl born, I stopped and reconsidered not to tell her, so I told her I don’t remember. Then, the grandmother asked about my daughter’s full name, I told her my girl’s name’s nickname was called Bei Bei. At that moment, I thought it was stranger, why would she ask for the full name? But in my heart I thought it didn’t really matter if I told her or not, but I wanted to remain cautious, so I told her my son’s name.

I had to go to toilet on the train, the grandmother offered to help me take care of my daughter, I felt worried, so I carried my daughter myself. The grandmother walked me all the way to the toilet, and waited outside until I came out to walk me all the way back to the seats. Everyone around the train were saying how nice the grandmother was, I also thought that I got lucky that day. While getting off the train, the grandmother came down with me, she even helped me carry my luggage. We walked towards the exit, the grandmother asked me if there were people to help her carry her luggage. I told her no, I planned on taking a cab because it was near.

As soon as we stepped out of the exit, the grandmother suddenly wanted to carry my daughter, she also said “Thanks for holding my granddaughter, we are at the exit now, I will carry her myself.” At that moment, I was like what are you talking about? Then next to her, her own grandchildren shouted “You are a bastard, why are you holding my sister and not letting go.” At that moment, I was shocked. After that, many people came to watch, and they were all looking at me with their suspicious eyes. Then, a woman ran towards us, she shouted my daughter’s name (actually it was my son’s), and said “Bei Bei, I missed you so much.” And the woman was all happy and expected me give her my daughter. At that time, all the observers around us were pointing fingers at me thinking don’t try to steal their child, and they all gave advice to the woman who just came to carefully take care of her children.

I saw all this, I quickly wanted to take a cab and just go, and ignore them. But the people who were pointing fingers at me came up in front of me and blocked my way, and the woman ran to me and started to take my daughter off me.

Many people on the roads saw this, and they all thought my daughter was their daughter, but they didn’t talk. At that moment, I realized the importance of this whole situation. I quickly asked: “How is this your daughter, it is obviously mine.” And then the little grandchildren next to the grandmother said “Auntie (could refer to maid), hurry up and give my sister back to my mom, we need to go home.” I was just there staring at the grandmother and that woman who were trying to steal my child, luckily I was using back straps, it was the type that was very difficult to unbuckle. I shouted “So you are just standing here trying to steal my child?”

People who walked by came over to look, and I heard those people were saying “This woman (me) holding the girl has mental problems, holding other people’s child and not letting go, and saying other people are trying to steal her child.” Many people who heard this walked away, they didn’t care anymore. At that moment I felt very scared and my body began to shook, I was just carrying my girl, and my girl felt my tension and she got influenced too, and began to cry. Then, I heard someone was calling my name, it was my grandfather and my great aunt who came to pick me up, couldn’t find me, but they heard a child crying, my great aunt saw, and came over.

My grandfather came, those kidnappers still didn’t want to let go of my child, furiously saying we stole their child. And still arguing with us. My grandfather said it was my granddaughter, what made them yours?

Then people walking by began to surround us, that woman began saying facts like when was my girl’s date of birth, what her name was, what milk she drank, had what habits…etc. I stood there listening, those were all facts that I told the grandmother on the train. But luckily, I didn’t give out my daughter’s real name. My grandfather felt confused, and asked her “What was your daughter’s name again?” The woman repeated once again my son’s name. Then I shouted at her “Bullshit, my girl’s name is called XXX, the name I told the grandmother on the train was my son’s name.” At that moment, the grandmother and the woman were stunned. I pointed at them and shouted “Do you two have any conscience? Making little kids like them to lie with you. You kidnappers, should be executed.”

After I shouted at them, they just stood there without response, then my grandfather and my great aunt instantly brought me on the car and went home. On the car I was still shaking and sweating, I touched my face, I realized I also cried. I just hugged my daughter tightly in my hands, never letting go.

On my way home, my grandfather reported this incident to the police station. My grandfather came back and told me there have been cases like this in the past. I was scared, luckily I was wearing that type of complicated back straps, and luckily I didn’t give them my real daughter’s name on the train, I reflected and thought of a few things:

First, paralyzing our thoughts, the grandmother was also carrying children, who would ever think they were kidnappers? And their children looked pretty neat and clean.

Second, they were very warm, willing to help you at all times.

Third, they asked me about my child’s facts in much details.

Fourth, they helped me carry my luggage off the train and brought us to a place where they were little people.

Fifth, they had lots of partners, I thought that crowd was too. This helped convincing those who really passed by think I had mental problems.

I always thought kidnaps would never reach me, now I’m thinking, if it wasn’t for my grandfather who picked me up that day at the station, I honestly don’t know what would have happened. Whenever I get scared, I don’t just get scared, I just can’t describe that feeling.

Many people also asked me why didn’t I call the cops that day right away, I said there wasn’t any chance, I didn’t have chances to reach for my cellphone. They were all trying to get hold of my child, as soon as I let go, my child could’ve been stolen right away. At that moment, all thought about was to hold my daughter, I wouldn’t let anyone steal her away.

Furthermore, those people who were crowding around me blocked my vision, I couldn’t see any cops or patrol guards around the place. Plus, when your adrenaline gets all pumped up, you wouldn’t even think of things like that, later when I got on the car I discovered there was a guard on duty 20 feet away from where we fought, but I couldn’t see anything at that time. We didn’t think of telling the cops until we got home, until we all calmed down, we thought about reporting this to the police…

One day from last November, I went to a friend’s house, he told me that in their district several days ago there was a woman, who was carrying her child to buy food from the market, in the market she lost her child, the whole plan was very scary. An old woman came up, pointing at the mother and said: “There she is.” Then, this man who wore nice clothes and looked neat came up to the mom and slapped her on the face, and made her dizzy, and then the man pushed her again, and said “The child’s sick, why are you still bringing her out.” The mom was hit again, and she fell on the platform behind her, and then the old woman as she unbuckled the stroller, holding the child, and sighed “The child’s already sick, and you still brought him out, seriously, why would there be such a mom.” And then the man got even more angrier and slapped the mom, then child kept crying, the man told the old woman “Let’s go, we must hurry up to bring the child to the hospital.” Then the old woman holding the child, and the man driving the motorbike, they left right away, the mother on the ground was still crying on the ground saying she didn’t know them, but no one cared…


There may be translation mistakes, but I think you get the whole idea.

It doesn’t matter what you, or we, can conclude out of this incident, which I’m sure it’s still happening right now as we are speaking. What matters more is what we could potentially learn from this:

  • No matter how little you see of the world, there may still be some you may not have heard or seen.
  • There is always evil, unexplicable evilness.
  • We are lucky to be at the upper part of society, according to the fact that we are using computers.
  • Things should never be taken for granted. We should acknowledge ourselves where we are currently standing on Earth.
  • Never trust your perceptual senses, always leave some room for safety (as in the mother’s choice to lie about her daughter’s name).
  • Where ever, when ever, what ever – always have your constant alertness.

This may be a touchy story to you, it was to me too, we should understand that things could be way worse for us right now, so let’s not be so naive.

And just enjoy life!