Beneficial Stupidity

Stupidity is always bad.


Actually, being stupid can give you a few extremely useful benefits. Effective too.

Definition of stupidity

Okay, when I talk about stupidity, it’s actually the closest word I can find to describe the state of mind.

I’m referring to the state of mind of being pure, direct, straightforward and child-like. The way of thinking we all had when we were young, the simpleness back in primary school, when we were straight to the point and wouldn’t flood ourselves with excessive amounts of thoughts.

It’s the pureness, the youth-like blank state of mind, where you don’t think outside the box.

Benefits of being inside the box

For the rest of the article, I will refer this state of mind to “stupid,” not the original meaning of stupid.

1. Doubtless Obedience

This is a personal example; I’m Asian and stereotypically their parents force them to play piano, well, according to common belief, which is most of the times true.

As I grew up in my middle school years, I began to argue and protest to my parents of piano-learning which I never wanted to, because it was tiring and difficult.

But… my caretaker once told me it was easier and simpler for a person to take care of a stupid person rather than a “smart” person like me because I would think a lot, have the ability to argue, make excuses, slack off, and rebel.

If it was only a stupid person, he would just listen to instructions and obey the commands without subjection, rejection or argument.

That’s how a stupid person yields benefits – simple doubtless obedience.

2. The Cover Belief

Stupid people see the surface, thoughtful people see under it too.

Some say people who could see both are smarter, but stupid people have an advantage for not being able to see it – the placebo effect.

The placebo effect is the phenomenon that gives you a desired effect simply because you believe in it e.g. getting a headache pill from the doctor promising you to mend it better, but it was a simple sugar pill, however you still feel the effects of an actual headache pill because you thought it was real.

The placebo effect might not work as effective on smart people because:

  • They are aware of the placebo effect.
  • They most likely believe the common truth e.g. cancer is incurable.
  • They think a lot more compared to stupid people = more potential negative talks, self-blames.

Amazing things can happen if it were for stupid people because they wouldn’t have all these unnecessary thoughts.

That’s why stupid people have a benefit; they believe what they are told.

Read more about the placebo effect or… the cover belief.

3. Character Advantage

As we grow up, we tend to be more cautious of everyone’s behavior, assumed intentions and words – we think more, doubt more and assume more.

That youth pureness is lost.

But stupid people maintain this trait, which is rare and desirable in our social world.

Stupid people have a better personality, because they are positively gullible and one who unlike the majority, doesn’t make extra thoughts and doubts.

Being stupid is not bad after all…

It is honestly really hard for a person to undergo complete change from a “smart” mindset to a stupid mindset.

You’d have to reprogram your way of thinking.

Let’s recap the benefits, stupid people:

  1. Obey without objection.
  2. Believe as is.
  3. Is socially rare and desirable.

Remember, “stupid” refers to the state of mind described above, not the original meaning.