Are You Happy?

“Am I happy?”

When was the last time you’ve asked yourself this question?

Ask now:




Don’t answer it straight away, I’m talking about long-term happiness not short term.

You know that it’s not an easy question to answer, because there are literally lots of factors to consider, right?

If you’re struggling, let me hint you how to answer the question.

The 5 basic happiness-contributing factors

  1. Food
  2. Social
  3. Health
  4. Fun
  5. Energy

The aim of this article is to help you be consciously aware of your current happiness meter, what you can do, what you should pay attention to so you may improve your life to a better state.

#1. Food

Do you have a high expectation on food? Does your degree of satisfaction come a lot from food?

Why not reward yourself more into this area?


  • Eat more at home – you save money, it’s more healthy too.
  • Eat fresh and organic, no processed oily junk food.
  • Cook the food yourself, you’ll have fun doing it the whole process.

#2. Social

If human beings had no communication amongst each other, what would the world turn into?


  • Talk more, regardless of your energy levels.
  • Lengthen conversations by asking open-ended questions.
  • Don’t reply anything with a simple yes or no.
  • Join local activity clubs, sports…etc.
  • Talk to your family, meet, visit, phone calls.

#3. Health

Health is what you are made of, so you must not take it for granted.


  • Stay organic, healthy, balanced, and DIY. <see food ideas>
  • Take annual body checks, dental checks; they help keep track of how your body is doing.
  • Exercise more, play some sports, sweat!
  • “Water is the best medicine.”

#4. Fun

Without joy, life is dull and plain. And I’m sure no one likes falling into boredom.


  • Join some activity clubs (for social too).
  • Feel the freedom, lose the pressure and relax; try yoga, meditation, deep breathing.
  • Travel, have fun somewhere away from your workplace and lose your soul.
  • Lie down on the lawn and look at the sky. (at day/night -time is beautiful either way)
  • Have a freedom day without touching any single piece of work (e.g. Sundays), if you think you’re wasting time, you’re actually using it to fulfil your entertainment measure.

#5. Energy

Energy makes you move, it’s what flows all over your body. You perish without it.


  • Rest, nap, sleep, relax, break. See help tips on energy boosters>>
  • Understand you need to rest to recover energy in order to work with 100% focus. It’s not wasting time. It’s improving the quality of your upcoming time.
  • Listen to music, enjoy media, read books.

Fulfil the 5 fundamental factors…

…and you’ll achieve greater levels of happiness.

Our reality is, one’s success really depends on one’s ability to sacrifice its optional happiness measures.

What is the aim of success for? More happiness. Likewise…

What’s the purpose of saving money? For future consumption. Same idea.

But you should understand that no one in the world can ever fulfil these 5 criteria at its maximum at the same time. No one can achieve perfection.

So, what’s your plan now?