Acting Leader-like

It’s true that successful people were once leaders, or at least know the qualities of being one.

But no one is born with leader-like behavior.

We learn it.

If being the head isn’t a part of your natural personality, below are advice to help you act like one:

Body language; expression matters

Ever heard of the 7%-38%-55% rule?

Mehrabian stated that the effectiveness of one’s expression is governed via three V’s – Verbal, Vocal and Visual; one’s words accounts for 7%, the tone of voice accounts for 38% and body language accounts for 55%.

Thus, act like a leader – show confidence:

  • Body posture: stand, walk, talk with a straight back, don’t bend down even if you’re tired
  • Look authoritative: when listening, don’t look directly at them, look above them, at their forehead but to also make sure you’re paying attention; putting your hands in front of your stomach or behind the back
  • Expression: show clarity when speaking, help express with hand motions

Verbal expression; showing certainty

A distinct characteristic from all leaders is to show confidence and clearness in what they do.

Your tone of voice contributes to 1/3 of your overall expression, meaning:

  • You should talk in a comparatively louder, deeper voice within your people
  • There should be no stutters, accidental linguistic errors, stops in your speaking

You should always prepare well before taking on the actual task. One simple mistake can permanently damage your reputation and credibility.

Be the decision-maker

It’s natural to think the person who tackles all the decision-making is the authority who has a higher status than you.

It’s true.

Thus, you should exploit all opportunities to make major decisions, but make sure you don’t overdo it and become an annoyance.

When tackling decisions, here’s a tip:

Talk logic. Be as professional as possible, list out your views, point A point B, how they are true and why they are important, beneficial…etc.


Acting leader-like does not make you an instant leader, above are just traits that you should have.

But for as long as you don’t get in depth, remember the 3 Vs and you can be sure to act like one.