7 Meaningfully Simple Clichés

Words of wisdom…

Messages that are most vague and simple, are often the most meaningfully crafted words of wisdom.

But because most of them have been repeated for lots of times, the real purpose of their messages fade away and lose their significance. However, the messages still exist, we just have to re-dig them out to the open space of understanding.

Coming up are 7 very simple messages that convey deep meaningful messages:

#1. Give First, Take Second

Life isn’t all about one person, it’s about cooperation between groups of people working together to produce success one individual cannot reach.

But there’s always competition.

Don’t expect everything to go nice and perfect especially made to fit your path, instead, be prepared for trouble. So, what can you do? In order to smoothen your way to success, remember to give first, take second.

Low expectations of others, high fulfilment for others.

#2. “Don’t take it for granted.”

The world is not about you, you’re no one special from your other counterparts in the human race on Earth, what differs you from others that makes you deserve better treatment?

If something fortunate happens to you, don’t grab it and leave = take it for granted. Instead, examine the source and credit the giver.

Thus, don’t take what’s in front of you for granted like you must have it or you’ll die.

#3. A Dollar Saved Is a Dollar Earned

Wealth management…

…this cliché expresses that the medium money, can be earned by cutting its spending, in other words, money can be increased if cut where it is being decreased.

Saving up money, regardless of size, will make a difference. Pennies may look meaningless on each individual surface, but when persisted with its collection, it will be extremely worthwhile in the long run. It’s not about the short run.

This message also tells us that, the result (output) is controlled by the causes (input).

#4. Quality Beats Quantity

Individual power is more important than quantity of individuals.

One thick log is always stronger than ten thin twigs.

This applies to all parts of life – don’t go the weak route, go for the strong route.

#5. “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.”

Nothing in our world is free, everything has its cost that only people who work hard will earn their deserved quantity of returns.

This means, as a person you must work hard, be fair, pay serious efforts and be realistic.

Everything comes with a price.

#6. The World Is Unfair

Who doesn’t know this?

The world IS unfair, and there’s simply no way around this point – you just have to live by this fact…

Why was he born in a wealthy family and me poor? Why did he win the lottery and I did not? How can he bribe the officers to not let himself fall into prosecution?

The ultimate answer is that, the world = inequality. So what? Be better.

#7. Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Or to make this even simpler… happiness is the best psychological cure to almost anything. And this psychological cure can directly lead the body to cure physically.

Apart from laughing; there’s also smiling, drinking water and exercising to keep you fit and healthy.

Here’s a scientific fact: People don’t actually perform the respective emotion after its activator e.g. it’s a person cries so he’s sad not… a person is so sad so he cried.

This fact tells you that emotions occur AFTER its physical action.

Meaningfully Simple Clichés List

  1. Give First, Take Second
  2. “Don’t take it for granted.”
  3. A Dollar Saved Is a Dollar Earned
  4. Quality Beats Quantity
  5. “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.”
  6. The World Is Unfair
  7. Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Put these into good use!