5 Critical Skills

Skills allow us to survive in this complicated society.

We need skills to compete against others, stand out from the crowd, advance beyond and to reach our dreams.

You’d need LOTS of skills in the current society – we’re talking about uncommon critical skills, not skills e.g. cooking, academics, going OT…etc.

We’re on about advanced common sense.

Here are 5 critical skills that you should know at first thought, here goes…

1. Perspective Thinking

No one lives in this world thinking about just themselves, it’s not all about you. It’s about others, first. No one starts off being king, we all start off from the bottom of the social ladder and gradually work our way up.

You need to be critical at perspective thinking, or point of view thinking.

You need to be able to think in another person’s point of view, and be able to adjust being in different people’s shoes one after another.

Perspective thinking means:

  • You can almost perfectly estimate one’s responses.
  • You know what the person wants and needs.
  • You understand the person’s thoughts and will be able to persuade him.

2. Recalibration

Or call it constant alertness.

The critical skill of recalibration refers to being able to constantly be aware of the current situation one is in, and be able to clearly and thoroughly analyze and make clear thoughts. Or call it being able to control yourself at all times, regardless of other factors for example being…

  • sleepy leading to sloppy and lazy decisions.
  • in a bad mood leading to anger problems.
  • tired leading to both results combined mentioned above.

Thus, no matter what the situation is, you have to recalibrate as often as possible.

3. Timing

The cliché is “you need to have good timing.

Having good timing means:

  • You can put the sense to use (here’s a related article about time sense) e.g. you can tell the time off your head after seeing the clock 20 minutes ago.
  • You are on time, never late to anything. (you’d rather be early there doing nothing than to face the consequences for arriving late) The point is you can estimate the amount of time you do everything closely so your schedule doesn’t get jam-packed.
  • Being able to think and crack jokes at the right and exact moment that doesn’t promote awkwardness.

Many things in life require good timing, or you’ll regret your decision forever. Go for it before it’s too late.

4. Reaction Time

Reaction time is important for the same reason as above – you need good timing.

If you are slow and delayed in making decisions, this disadvantage will ruin you for life, it’ll destroy your opportunities and let your competitors beat you.

A fast reaction time can be useful in many ways:

  • Having good timing.
  • Higher productivity.
  • Being able to dodge a car that is about to crash into you.

Your reaction time is as important as your action time, you make fast and good decisions? Great. You also need to respond quickly and accurately.

5. Direction

You have the essential skills in life, you have all the basic abilities. What now?

To answer this question you need to have a fixed target, you need to have a goal or direction to it. You need to find your very personal, unique and remarkable…

meaning of life.

Because without it, you have no purpose for existence. And the world wouldn’t make a difference without you.

The Bottom Line

These 5 critical skills will equip you well in the society.

They say common sense is important, and expect you to know it since birth; problem is, they don’t teach you that in school, you have to figure it out yourself through experience by trial and error.

Some figure it out, some don’t – those who don’t, fail or remain mediocre.

Recap the 5 critical skills (there are more, but these 5 came at first thought, if you have more email me):

  1. Perspective Thinking
  2. Recalibration
  3. Timing
  4. Reaction Time
  5. Direction

Equip these skills, you need them.