3 Creativity Inducers

We all need to be creative at some point.


…it’s not that they are hard to think of, but it’s that good, unique and usable ideas are hard to think of.

We call it creative, because we create. That means to make something up in the world which had never existed, or to use what others have thought, recycle them and make new combinations.

Practical Methods To Induce Creativity

Here are some ways you can get those sudden creativity spikes:

#1. Sleep Cutter

Set your alarm clock to some time in the middle of night that interrupts the mid-way of your sleep e.g. 4 am.

The catch here is to simply imagine something and go back to sleep right away.

Doing so allows your brain to have a higher chance of dreaming or getting into a half-conscious realm. Anyhow, you’ll be filled with great ideas as you wake up with those pictures (that you wouldn’t otherwise think when you’re fully awake) floating in your mind.

#2. Lucid Dream

Lucid dreaming is the act of being conscious in your dream.

If you can lucid dream, you can control what happens in your very own world; you can fly, you can swim without oxygen, you can float in mid-air… and anything you can think of.

You get the point where creativity rushes in…

Problem is, it’s quite hard to learn how to lucid dream, go look that up. But once you know how, you’ll have a greatly different perspective of what can be done in life.

#3. Alcohol-Induced Fantasies

Drink some alcohol, get a little drowsy, and you’re on the right track to a high level of creative imaginations.

You’re bound to fantasize more when you have just consumed alcohol; we also tend to cross the line and think of things that are ridiculous – which is fantastic for generating new ideas!

Miscellaneous Tips

  • Get enough rest; no energy = no ideas.
  • Jot down ideas on a notepad, because human memory is short.
  • Think opposite, go against nature, be unique.
  • Breathe, let your mind flow.

Be creative!