2014 Resolutions

“2014 resolutions…”

“New plans…”

“New goals…”

How often do you hear that, and how often do they really work?

I’d say 95% of those said will fail. Why?

Lack of persistence, self-discipline and proper goal-setting.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Write a list of goals you have (not only for 2014 but for your life) – a list that you’ll need for your upcoming fifty or so years.
  2. Stick it on somewhere you see all the time e.g. desk wall.
  3. Have a “Goals Book” and write that list on the first page, and dedicate 1 page for 1 goal. On each page, visualize and journal your goal as if it were completed. Be it pictures, text or in any method.
  4. Read your list as often as possible and review your Goals Book after you wake up and before you sleep.
  5. Dedicate a time slot each day e.g. 30 minutes, for just moving towards your goals. Nothing else. (idea = wake up early)

Here’s an extra organization tip. Each night before you sleep, plan your next day ahead. This is always better than the opposite.

Do it now.


If it’s in your task queue, do it now.