2013 Resolution Plan

Happy New Year!

A fresh new year represents a new start, a new beginning and a time for resolutions – to reflect on our past, to fix our mistakes and to improve ourselves even more.

Because talks are useless without transmitting them into action, hence, there shall be a practical resolution plan.

Do you have a plan? If you don’t, let’s begin!

First, we should identify the core elements in life so we would know what to base our improvement goals on. Happiness is a key factor in both our meaning and purpose of life, thus, we should dig into it.

The Five Happiness Elements

  1. Food
  2. Social
  3. Health
  4. Fun
  5. Energy

(previously mentioned in the “Are You Happy?” article.)

#1. Food

Are you enjoying your meals? Having good food? Healthy and organic?

If not, it might be time to readjust your meals; food is a very important part of life, it is what empowers us, what fuels our body and mind. But by choosing some delicious food, it’ll drive your mood up and make you happy.

If you don’t appreciate food, it’s time to. Don’t take it for granted.

Don’t treat food as a tool for filling the stomach to survive, but look at food as a precious gift for slow and gradual enjoyment.

If you’re eating lots of fast food and unhealthy junk, cut off that habit; don’t make excuses, just do it and start cooking your own meals or at least dine at a restaurant that serves organic dishes.

Implementable ideas:

  • Buy ingredients from the market and cook food at home, 3 times a week.
  • No fast food unless extreme emergency.
  • Drink only water as a means for hydration; or limit to one exception per week.

#2. Social

Fulfilling the social factor means that you are being more of an extrovert than an introvert. Do you converse much with friends, family and colleagues? Or even acquaintances?

If not, it may be time to adjust your amount of social time = reduce your independent time, working time, or any time that you can create to sacrifice for being just a little bit more social than 2012.

In fact, spare some time (I didn’t ask “if you have some spare time” so don’t make excuses) and participate in social groups, sports clubs, charity events or any group activities where you can meet new people and make new friends.

Implementable ideas:

  • Join 1 regular group activity club, make new friends.
  • Spend at least 30 minutes socializing each night.
  • Never eat alone, eat with people around, so socializing can be possible.

#3. Health

Without our body or our mind, we cannot function; thus, we have to fulfil our body’s needs to do work and make actions.

Much similar to the food factor, if you are not eating healthy, organically or cleanly, then start immediately.

Not only is healthy about food, it is also about moving your body and exercising your joints and muscles; without making it sound tedious and boring, mix in with the social factor and join a physical group activity club, go play a sport!

Being healthy is also about maintaining good hygiene habits: organize your environment, clean your house, tidy up your workplace, wear cleanly washed clothes, open windows and breathe in some fresh air.

Implementable ideas:

  • Eat green; no fast food, make your own food at home.
  • Exercise, dedicate some of your time to move your body around and SWEAT!
  • Have good hygiene (refer to habits from above).

#4. Fun

A life without fun is a life without purpose or meaning. Don’t be a workaholic robot who aims to earn the most possible amount of money – it’s impossible because money is infinite you can never acquire them all.

Spend some time and do some leisure activities and have some pleasurable experiences: travel, hike, get outside the urban city, visit a farm, skydive, underwater dive, adventure!

Matter of fact, don’t do it alone; be social and invite your friends and family to do it together; have a picnic, group event, big dinner or a party for absolutely no reason but fun.

Implementable ideas:

  • Stop trying to earn so much money. It’s pointless to be ignorant.
  • Have fun, pursue your hobbies, interests and simply do your favorite thing.
  • Adventure and imprint new memories and experiences together with friends and family. Take pictures and make real physical photo albums.

#5. Energy

Energy is the fuel of our body and mind, without it we cannot operate. Maintaining a good balance of food is important to our health, but that’s not enough.

Sleep is the key factor.

We need around 7-8 hours of sleep a day; what I’d suggest, don’t use the alarm clock for each weekend, and just sleep until you wake up naturally, the natural awakening time is truly what your body wants and needs; let it have it.

It’s understandable that sometimes we simply have too many things going on in our life and we must restrict our sleeping schedules to accomplish those tasks; it’s okay to be do it temporarily but DON’T do it permanently.

Needing lots of energy is everyone’s constant want, to address that, let me mention I have previously written an article showing a list of ways how you can create more energy and feel fresh.

Implementable ideas:

  • Eat healthy, exercise your body and drink water.
  • Sleep an average of 7 to 8 hours a day (I suggest not using the alarm on weekends and let yourself wake up naturally).
  • Realize that it’s okay to be temporarily energy-deprived, but not permanently.

The General Idea of the 2013 Resolution Plan

  • Reflect on the past, fix old mistakes, change bad habits and make new good habits.
  • Fulfil the five core happiness elements: food, social, health, fun and energy.
  • Be more productive, do more useful and constructive, contributive things in life.
  • Set higher goals than ever and work your way towards achievement.
  • Reinforce your improvement actions by keeping track of your actions with journal entries and reflect on them in a timely manner.

Have a great 2013!